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Hi everybody !
I am a graphic design student that is obsessed with flat faced animals, crappy tv, Vietnamese food, and colors.
I have been making comics for years but I finally have the guts to post them so please be gentle .. or else I'll get you jk
Hope you enjoy and I look forward to reading more wonderful comics on SJ!
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Natsu watches yaoi?
What are they watching ?
Shu why such a bootyhole?
When it's too hot outside why not get in your summer outfit and chill out in your room?
Ska is pretty cool Shu..
No one cuts the bowl..
Representing Home Schooled kids ! I technically was an online private school kid but w can be cool!
Yay I finally have the guts to post my comics. I've always been a perfectionist with my comics and sadly that has stopped me from posting any of them. Please be gentle ahah