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I'm a writer, but recently I haven't been writing. I needed something to express myself without the confusion of words, so I decided to get better at art. Now I want to tell a story through primarily art, so that's what I'm doing.
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    Alexandra Zazra
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Hey guys! An Update.
Due to lack of patreons this comic has yet to be updated with its first chapter. I don't have the time to quickly do chapters, as I don't do this full time. If you would like to support the project, please support my patreon!
This is the new cover! As you can see I poured hours and hours into it, I hope you enjoy! The reboot, by the way, will be chapter updates instead of single ones. Hope that's okay.
August 21st, 2017
Precious! So freaking precious!
August 17th, 2017
I've been watching this commic for a while and it's got me so hooked without even having epic flashy relationship drama and melodrama and love triangles. I love it. Please never soil it with that mainstream garbage called a love triangle. <3
Important Update
The style of this comic has changed a lot, thank you for not being negative about it :3. Some pannels will be black and white, some will be in color, it is entirely to do with the amount the author describes. I won't explain that last sentence because of spoilers, but it'll make sense eventually. Enjoy.
My Reassessment of Chapter 1
I started this comic with little understanding of anatomy, comic structure, or how movement can be portrayed. This chapter will be redone with more content once I have the time to kill. But for now, chapter 2 has taken off in a new direction, with the understanding of anatomy and decent composition. I find this first chapter to be cringy.
Hiatus over, updates will be 2-4 weeks apart with multiple panels at a time. I will take breaks, please don't rush me.
thank you
I'm happy my story has caught your heart.
That would be the idea, lol. Check the previous pannel
About The Image
This is a non-cannon drawing for chapter two of Elliot.
thank you for your feedback, ill take it into consideration.
View the original image on deviant art here:
View the speed draw:
well, sort of, this introduces the conflict between the characters, so pay attention to the feel of his narration and what he says, what it might mean because it is important. Thank you for reading, the next panel will be up within the next 3 days.
A little bit of insight. The story is about their relationship, and what happened to it because of what life dealt them, leading to where they are now. I can't tell much more because of spoilers about why it is narrated, so I hope you keep reading.
I'm on vacation so I'm sorry for not getting to you sooner about this, another sheet will be up by tomorrow. Anyway, the idea came from my wanting to expand from my one and only series because it will end eventually, and the fact I wanted it to be a different kind of Boys Love novel. I wanted it in Detroit because I use Chicago alot, and I needed a change of pace. I never focus on the bad parts of places, just the bad parts of people, so this was a change of scenery for me. Alot of this came off the top of my head, nothing in particular sparked it, but I love the idea just the same.
Thank you,
lots of love, Alexandra