Hey,imHexidora! Im a younger writer and a huge newb in almost everything! I love the comic The Search For Henrey Jakyll! Please sapport te author, shes increadable! Well hope we can be friends!♡
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Noice work mate
Congrats on neating ur goal midorilied.
Alrightu. Ill see you on the 27 then. Or layer, it depends
Henrey looks like he's ganna do something herroic next
Yay Midorilied!
I know! It's sad,?
It's alright! Ps I love this new side to Hyde. He's actully trying to be a hero
Yay more updates!
Welcome to the club!
Wasn't there saposed to be an update today Midorilied? Are u ok too?
I'm sorry to say that this wasn't what i'd hoped it would be.
April 30th, 2017
Hello I just started reading this. I think it be great. I play pokemon go and was looking for a new comic to read while Midorilied's "the search for Henrey jekyll" is bieng updated.

Can't wait to read!