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Hey,imHexidora! Im a younger writer and a huge newb in almost everything! I love the comic The Search For Henrey Jakyll! Please sapport te author, shes increadable! Well hope we can be friends!♡
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Guest on comment 3- I love u omfg
Yay love it!
Nice update
Yay! Thank you so much miorilied!im so happy you did this. Great work BTW, I'm so happy that you were able to update so soon sorry if anybody was ever pushy like me. I do apologize for that your artwork is amazing and your writing is even better I'm so happy that you did this please enjoy the rest of your night and the rest of your time. Bravo. 🌺

@Guest: what-? Thats ulterson
Wow ultersons face wow
Yay! I've waited 4 months to read all this! Can't wait!
Noice work mate
Congrats on neating ur goal midorilied.
Alrightu. Ill see you on the 27 then. Or layer, it depends
Henrey looks like he's ganna do something herroic next
Yay Midorilied!
I know! It's sad,?
It's alright! Ps I love this new side to Hyde. He's actully trying to be a hero