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The world cannot lose such a wonderful artist, so take care and get well soon.
Happy new year^^
Happy new year ^^
Don´t tell about the taste Axel, please...
Kylee, honey, it´s not for the problem in the bar, it´s for the boner Kim has since that kiss...
hahaha that´s hilarious. Already loving this comic XD.
Very promising plot and better art than I expected^^.
December 18th, 2017
Love your comic, thanks to share it with us. I hope you feel better soon. A big hug.
I Cannot stop laughing with the censure captions XD
Milo searchs girls who resemble Joakim, so he must go for the real thing, and stopping to reasure himself that he´s onto girls so many times...But in the bottom of my heart I prefer the random dude (Romero)for him. I´m so in love with that character (♥o♥).
hahaha I didn´t expect a kabedon here.
1. España (Spain)
2. Iason Mink x Ricky from Ai no kusabi (allways)// Sangoo x Yoonbum (current)
3. Ian Somerhalder as Kim ( I know, he´s dark haired but I can forgive this, because he´s hot as hell). And maybe Nathan Kress as Kylee if his hair grows a little more. OMG I have just thinking about Chandler Riggs from The walking dead as Kylee...
The first time I like a censored version...Damned comments, I love them XD.
@Bloomer:How old is Apollo?
October 20th, 2017
I think that kennedy´s sentence ¨felt guilty about you stepping in my TRAP¨ have a doble meaning that fits perfectly XD.
@Bloomer: I think it depends of how deep is the relationship with the crying person you confront.
@DarkLemon: Don´t worry they´re correct, I´m from Spain. But to use ¨mi querido¨there sound weird. It´s better to use querido without the possesive. When you uses the possesive you are implying he is his personal lover. it´s better to say : ¨aw querido¨ (here you are only using sweet talking)
So glad you feel better, but now it´s wolf who gets sick...
I don´t think the mother will interrupt here. I think whe knows her son is gay and she accepts it well.
September 11th, 2017
OMG he has known all the time...