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Me encanta. Tienes un don para las portadas *o*
Kylee, honey...All the world knew since first page that you would be the bottom...
@DarkLemon: I´m from Spain so if you need help with language you can count with me.The expresions, idioms and vocabulary changes a lot from one country to another. For example, assuming that he is mexican: ¨Dios mio¨is not an expresion that he would use on this situation. He would use more a curse expresion like ¨verga¨(cock/dick) to express his annoyment. ¨Dios mio¨ is more for a situation where he feels desperation. And it changes a lot if he where from Venezuela, Colombia, etc.
Thanks for sharing your comic with us, I love it ^^.
I have just died and go to BL´s heaven *o*
@Scarlet Spider: I´m not the author, but the name of that character is Caleb.
February 1st, 2018
chi, dame mi vicio *o*
February 1st, 2018
@Kluste: Graciassss eres un sol ;*, con lo que me gustan los gatitos. Lo de los likes es que soy un desastre. Algunos te dejan puntuar por página, otros por todo el cómic otros no te dejan puntuar nada... Y yo, que a veces me los leo del tirón como si no hubiese un mañana, ni me fijo con la ansiedad...Suerte y ánimo ^^.
January 25th, 2018
Sí que hay leyendo, pero nunca sabrás en que momento dan con tu cómic, pero ahí andamos en las sombras muahahaha. Lo que pasa es que esto es como la ONU: Muchas lenguas diferentes y la mayoría no hablan castellano. Lo del deja-vú, no sé si me equivoco, pero para mi es como si Kikuhachi se comportase como el director Matsumoto. Tu obra es educativa, interesante y sobre todo hermosa. Un saludo y mucho éxito ^^ .
wtf hahahahaha. No idea where is this going to...So random XD. I had to search about Bill Cosby to understand it. I knew him by one of his shows but I´m from another country, so I didn´t know about the drug and rape thing XD
January 15th, 2018
The world cannot lose such a wonderful artist, so take care and get well soon.
Happy new year^^
Happy new year ^^
Kylee, honey, it´s not for the problem in the bar, it´s for the boner Kim has since that kiss...
hahaha that´s hilarious. Already loving this comic XD.
Very promising plot and better art than I expected^^.
December 18th, 2017
Love your comic, thanks to share it with us. I hope you feel better soon. A big hug.
Milo searchs girls who resemble Joakim, so he must go for the real thing, and stopping to reasure himself that he´s onto girls so many times...But in the bottom of my heart I prefer the random dude (Romero)for him. I´m so in love with that character (♥o♥).
hahaha I didn´t expect a kabedon here.
1. España (Spain)
2. Iason Mink x Ricky from Ai no kusabi (allways)// Sangoo x Yoonbum (current)
3. Ian Somerhalder as Kim ( I know, he´s dark haired but I can forgive this, because he´s hot as hell). And maybe Nathan Kress as Kylee if his hair grows a little more. OMG I have just thinking about Chandler Riggs from The walking dead as Kylee...
@Bloomer:How old is Apollo?