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November 18th, 2018
Oh no, please, someone save Engel... :_(
Beta is a good name. We´re reading a comic with a very deep plot, we´re not expecting the slang meaning of beta here. Also here you have readers from different countries and languages ( at least me, from Spain XD) that could get and enjoy the essence of the story in spite of the language barrier. Thanks for your hard work ;).
October 30th, 2018
I hope your wrist get well soon. Take care and rest, we need you healthy to continue this comic. A big hug \(^-^)/
So...When is the wedding? XD
hahahaha I love this page^^
Adult age is different depending on the country. Here (Spain) you´re adult at 18, so stop bitching Kim, and come to live here with Kylee ^^.
We´ll miss you Biscuit, but you deserve a rest. Take care and return with us in June. Good luck on your new job ;).
So well done. I almost can feel Matthias skipping a beat.
Hiatus...I´m gong to die. The most terrifying word, you leave us here suffering ^^. I´m thinking if the prince is jealouse about Matthias or Tomas, or both...I hope you can follow soon and show us more of this really great piece of art. Congratulations for your work.
Seve, you are picturing perfectly an abusive parenting. People cannot understand why he didn´t thought to defend himself attacking first, because (I hope) the most of them didn´t went through it. They don´t know how an abused child´s mind is retorted during years of misstreating, so the reflex action is self-defence passive possitions. You can be aged but, at those moments, you´re only a scared child. What happens after the first attempt of give back is also different of what people that haven´t pass through it thinks. Those abusive personalities always get scared of what they have created and use it to get a bad picture of the abused kid to the rest of society. They never learn, repent or change. It will always be in their words a kid that became twisted in spite of the efforts to correct him/her.
I like a lot this comic, thanks ^^
They need to finish what they began ^^
of course, I´ll be here ;)
Me encanta. Tienes un don para las portadas *o*
Kylee, honey...All the world knew since first page that you would be the bottom...
@DarkLemon: I´m from Spain so if you need help with language you can count with me.The expresions, idioms and vocabulary changes a lot from one country to another. For example, assuming that he is mexican: ¨Dios mio¨is not an expresion that he would use on this situation. He would use more a curse expresion like ¨verga¨(cock/dick) to express his annoyment. ¨Dios mio¨ is more for a situation where he feels desperation. And it changes a lot if he where from Venezuela, Colombia, etc.
Thanks for sharing your comic with us, I love it ^^.
I have just died and go to BL´s heaven *o*
@Scarlet Spider: I´m not the author, but the name of that character is Caleb.
February 1st, 2018
chi, dame mi vicio *o*
February 1st, 2018
@Kluste: Graciassss eres un sol ;*, con lo que me gustan los gatitos. Lo de los likes es que soy un desastre. Algunos te dejan puntuar por página, otros por todo el cómic otros no te dejan puntuar nada... Y yo, que a veces me los leo del tirón como si no hubiese un mañana, ni me fijo con la ansiedad...Suerte y ánimo ^^.
January 25th, 2018
Sí que hay leyendo, pero nunca sabrás en que momento dan con tu cómic, pero ahí andamos en las sombras muahahaha. Lo que pasa es que esto es como la ONU: Muchas lenguas diferentes y la mayoría no hablan castellano. Lo del deja-vú, no sé si me equivoco, pero para mi es como si Kikuhachi se comportase como el director Matsumoto. Tu obra es educativa, interesante y sobre todo hermosa. Un saludo y mucho éxito ^^ .