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You know... sometimes I wonder if people realize they can edit these things... meh...

All used sprites belong to respective owners

temporarily Semi-computerless, may have troubles updating (more then usual), xat friends will also be gone... D:

It's just SO fun when you regret everything you wright ever after a while
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He's so spiteful of memes, he won't even stare at his son...


Well ain't dis a co-ink-e-dink?
The door had it coming... that jerk...
Heihachi Mishima, one of the manliest among men!
Cough cough meowth that's right cough
I cannot find Bomb Man... BOMB MAN! WHERE ARE YOU!?
No one noticed the Goombas?
Now WHY would I say no? GO! GO! GO! You got dis! More cheering!
Nobert, make em' come back to my home, without them everything feels wrong!
Hmm... I may not plan to read the NSFW comic, but judging by the second panel...

It was the time and place to use it~
Actually, I kind of want to cancel Wadd's appearance... for now at least.
Gumming up the pipes you say? How much ya wanna bet poor Luigi ends up in a bind?
Dream journals are fun! Even if they show you the deepest darkest corners of that heavily polluted pool called your mind. Often times getting filled with stuff that you would never show to the public, possibly remembering suppressed memories. Even reminding you of your sick, twisted, fantasies. All this ultimately leading you to question who you really are.

Of course I haven't successfully written anything down in my journal for a while...
Knuckles has constantly fought against foes as fast as Sonic and Shadow, pretty well may I add, and he can't even handle QUICKMAN!? Dang man, you'd think he'd at least get a hit in...
Stop trying to make Flashman look cool. He's a joke of a robot master.

Well I guess I shouldn't try to force my opinion on you, but just WHAT do you see in him?
Flashman is one of the best of Wily's first solo creations? COULDA FOOLED ME~
@Deonis: Those people are all just jealous. Even I wish I had a shirt like that... So jingly and adorable...
Bowser will get bored eventually, he LOVES being evil after all, Luigi just needs to wait until then.

Or at least that's probably what would happen in the actual games...
I... You... This...

Words can not describe what I just read...