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Nah, not much to say ~ I like yaoi, but that can't surprise you...Um...I'm from Denmark (you know, the crappy little country, between Sweden and England)

I don't really hate anything, I'm like "you do your thing and I do mine, so that's it"
I do hate when people act like they own the world, and when some people look down on others.

Oh yeah, I'm FREAKY! I can't descirbe in words, how much my freakyness fills up my life. I can give an example...My brother is embarassed when I'm with him (evil thoughts)

So freaky facts about me...Don't bother reading:
- I one's woke up saying to my self "My constant yaoi watchin has made me realise something; I'M CRAZY"
- I one's had the thought "I' just wondering how it would feel to have a segull crap on you" 0.o
- I don't really like where I am now
- I have a thing for blood
- Pearcings (spelled right?) and dark clothes really talks to me. I have none of it (I have ear rings -_-'), but I think it's cool as hell!!
- I'm not "kire"
- I have a way of swinging from Emo, to Freak'o, to Lame'o, to non'o!!

Okay, as I'm writing this, my mood is weird, so I may sound like a jerk o an decide.

Bai bai from Toot
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You just take your mine of the comic for now, and spend some time on yourself, try to think good thoughts, and relax. All the best wishes, hope your father will recover :)
Foiled again... x3
June 15th, 2009
Am I the only one who finds that guy creepy? Despite his sexappeal...creepy!! xD
Drawing is (for me) a matter of emotions and feelings, so also for me, my drawings depend on my mood.
March 25th, 2009
I love going on unconcious killing sprees after slipping in to a "must-draw-without-thinking" mode
The only military school, I would is a militairy school, right? xD
I love you xD Way to tell them of
Agreed, Avi den Kanashimi
Ichiro is totally me in the last frame xD
"There Was no Deal!"
Always good to think gay xD
I've never seen anything more innocent than him!
Happy Birthday, and thank you. I've been practicing my own sparkling, and this will probably help become a professional Sparkler :D
Scary shadow, help!
OMG how violent Ö This is probably one of the most exciting comics I've read to date...What happens to his arm, it looks like it's being blown up (but yet he's so calm...?)
"A play...?" Can't wait to see them get out of this :P
Monty Python again (not again in your comic, but there was some in another :D)

I love Monty Python, and THIS comic is just as great.
I fucking missed you... TuT
December 16th, 2008
cake is a good point...
December 16th, 2008
Poor, innocent, ignorant little boy -,-
Holy ape smacking a potato!! :D :D I'm so happy T_T Thankyou
December 8th, 2008
they're awesome