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Poor Al. just be glad you're not shaped like a coconut!
@scarvig: just needs a white beard and a beer gut and he'd be god-damned Santa Claus!
i just noticed something... Al looks like he has makeup or something on his cheeks... what's up with that?
something tells me the dudes are gonna walk out of this with barely any sanity
if only Hunting was that easy.
@thestooge: the whole "communicating" with animals thing. its ridiculous! i certainly don't like it. but that's just me
@Komodo23: so do you think we should expect Green to be bitten in half by this gator because she has no idea what's going on and Alligators are dangerous creature?
We're going THERE???? ugh.
heh, it's pretty funny that Mickey is kinda like a father to muggs and the other hybrids who work for him. he's such a good guy.
heh... how ironic... someone with animal features, saying they're not animals.
@Hybrid Golden Fox: dude. that's rough.
i don't blame her. fear of change is a very Human thing. however we must learn to embrace change as well.

i ought to put my foot in my mouth for this because i won't change, myself!
i am sorta with Fel in this. every Marriage i have been exposed to fails at some point, a few years, a decade, many decade, they all fail at some point. my parents are divorced, my grandparents are divorced, my uncle is divorced twice over and married thrice! i would rather not go through all that bullshit.
i was not prepared for that.

hmmm.... how would they go about doing this? technically Fel doesn't exist. so technically Al will be legally single even if there's a ceremony and all that. at least that's what will happen if they still want the existence of Hybrids to be secret.
Dr. Duerf is really a good person. which is why i hate the country he lives in government even more. using good people to do crazy things and just... just no.
@Guest: only her daughters will be fucking hybrids you idiot. if you remember gen 1 hybrids were male and were completely unstable and violently insane. i don't know if that means future hybrids will have to be only female as well, with males being put down. and about inbreeding, just get a different male human partner for each female. geez some people really are fucking idiots.
@Jarin: then this government is even more convoluted than i thought
see, that's what i hate about governments. they will only do the politically expedient option instead of the moral one. things like this can be taken care of if you slowly integrate the hybrids into society, while saying the group who created them were a rogue black ops or something. then burn all records of paying for the project.