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Hi, and thanks for visiting! I don't have anything uploaded yet, mostly because my tablet pen is missing and I need to work on plot, flow, characters, etc. before I start. Anyway, I love comics because it combines two of my favorite things: art and storytelling! My thought process is weird, so I'll think of a story and then start building on about chapter 7 before chapter 2 even starts! I don't know how long It will take, but I hope you enjoy my stuff when I finally do it! <3

YouTube: LollipopStudios 1
DeviantArt: LollipopStudios 12
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And thus, an OTP was born.
Well ain't that convenient? :)
That last panel is my favorite thing.
I need a t-shirt with "Logical ass-kicking" on it now
Meanie >:(
That's ok! I'm looking forward to the redo! :D (I know I'm super late, but I haven't been on SJ for a while.)
But I mean, a stake in the heart, wouldn't that kill more than just vampires? I don't think being stabbed with a sharp wooden stick is good for anyone's health, really. IDK :V
The second to last panel is my favorite thing. XD
I'm Greg and everyone I've ever told a pun to is Richard.

That's actually kind of sad now that I think about it...

Oh wow...