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Jenna Montreal
I am a furry, short and simple. My fursona is my personal character from my comic known as Jenna Montreal, who is also my Alias.
I love to play video games, lots and lots of video games. :3
I also like to hike, read detective series like the decker series and other books, I also like reading comics and building contraptions.
I am a comic artist (sorely lazy in it..sorry.) A writer (lots of books to come~) and a game developer (hard but fun~) I am also a College student.
I have a one of a kind personality, an INFJ: less than 1%(based on reasearch so far.... [.5%]) of the human population. (I still am in shock actually..and here I knew I was weird...but really? THAT weird?) I am also very forgetful...

Thats about it ^~^ baaaii
oooh seems like the "lady" is brewing something~
yeey update~
Squee an update :D
Yula is such a cutie~ err...for a 300 year old kiddo.. ehm....... still cute though :3
I really like your comic so far, I only wish I could read more / help support it. Alas...I'm a broke fox x.x