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...yeah, anyway...

I'm Todd, the Big Orange Boo, Miller! I like-a the Video Games. Mostly Nintendo though. For more in depth infor about me, check out my profile...which isn't made yet. XD

Current Desktop: Meteos! ( )
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-The graphics are better, but the gags are still the same.
The Enclosed Instruction Book
....This has nothing to do with Easter. :/

EDIT: Dunno what I'm talking about? Here you go;
Planning the Big Heist
I really like the boats here. X3
Shady Dealings
What's this nonsense, now?
*le gasp*
The Usual Place
Previously known as "Unreleased Comic 2."

Best to re-start on a funny foot!
If you haven't played Golden Sun yet... DO IT!

...and if you have; sorry about mixing-up characters...I have to work with what they give me.
The Idea
For Christmas; I present two comics. One that I made and never uploaded and the fallowing comic that I never finished.

The next comic I would have uploaded, but I never finished it, however. However, I did have some nice high-seas plans made including meeting the rest of Yoshi's family and an attack by Ludwig.
...ah, well.

(By-and-by, I've been feeling that creative itch maybe the day that I start making comics again isn't far away!)
For Christmas; I present two comics. One that I made and never uploaded and the fallowing comic that I never finished.

This comic would, of course, fallow the previous one in the story.
Bowsers Christmas Carol
When I did the last comic (the one before this one) I noticed the numbering went up to all I had to do was make-up a 25th comic and the numbering would match that to count the days to Christmas. How convenient! So, this is the "The End" comic.

...but, if you recall, it's not just the end of the Christmas special. :<
Bowser's Christmas Carol
...more corniness, but it's the story!

Don't go away, more is yet to come~
Bowser's Christmas Carol
Oh-ho, Bowser's so tricky~
Shortest Bubble Ever; Panel 3.

So it seems Bowser has learned a lesson, eh?
Panels 2 & 3; Classic. X3

Also, Magikoopa's bubble in the last panel is the shortest bubble I've ever made...until I made the comic coming tomorrow~ Ho-ho.
Bowser's Christmas Carol
...I like the Dry Bone's exit on this one...I worked hard on that. X3
(Back then, it was a big deal)
Bowser's Christmas Carol
...I like the way this one flows.
Bowser's Christmas Carol
...he is indeed.
Bowser's Christmas Carol
Y'know...I feel this one is corny too.

Meh, the story must go on!
Bowser's Christmas Carol
~You can tell it's the future because they're wearing black. ^^
Bowsers Christmas Carol
I swear, that Dry Bones has the easiest lines in the whole story.
Bowser's Christmas Carol
Enter the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Yes, a Dry Bones in a cloak..what'd you expect?