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August 31st, 2008
Pech is Dutch for Bad luck XD

and srsly this comic is made of awesome and WIN!
THIS REMINDS ME OF THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU ZOMG..because of some reason. I'm definitely going to read further, the art is great,
I love his hair even more XD!
Ooooh, i love the last panel!
Hahah "figures I am as gay as they come"

Wow I love this's nice it is in greyscale because it makes the feel of it even more...well ..mysterious? I don't think that's the word, but lets keep it at that. I just love this pic
This looks great! He reminds me of Sora from KH (and I'm a biiig KH fan haha).
I love this manga sooooo much. The whole atmoshpere and feel of's so great!
This manga is great!! I really look up to your art!
Is she going to have a big part in this story? She's cool XD
Duuuuuuuuude the background is awesome, srsly. How long did you work on that? Oh, and my best friend's name is Rico too,yeey.
I wish I knew something useful to say XD anyway, beautiful page again!
XD Again, really beautiful. Going to read the next page!
Beautiful like always hahah. Do you have a site maybe with drawings? I'd like to see more of you XDD!
Wuaaaah awesome! Seriously, I'm a fan already ahah, especially because it's horror x3

you are very good at art, what did you do to become so good o__O (I have a habit to ask this question to artist that I like a lot XD)

Is this going to be BL btw?
Bwahahahhaha bird poop on shoulderxD
YESH a RikuxSora doujinshi. And it's really well drawn too! That's a BIIIG Plus!! Can't wait for more =D
Nice =D


don't know anything else to say ._. *i'm bad at commenting*