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Yo, Name's Maria. I'm 16, a perv. That's all you need to know currently. :D this whole account of mine is getting revised, cause... my old art SUCKS.
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This is my Ender!
Name: Ender Price
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Total Seme
Like: Woman, Men, the sky, the color blue, the color green, long hair, and food, lots of food...
Dislikes: Whiners, cats, slow people, the smell of his grandma's house.
Personality: Totally weird. He wears an eyepatch because it 'looks cool' and will eat anything. Slight anger issues.

Well here you are guys! after resizing this picture ten million times I finally got him up! Lol this is actually my second time coloring on photoshop ^^' excuse the crappy coloring. Im still trying to figure out what Hue and Saturation do....
Well I think my scanner is fixed now, once i get my picture colored I shall add it!
I will!!! I have to put up my charie but I have ann excuse I was grounded for like ever!!!!
Well I now know that I cant color >X< and My picture wasnt as pretty as the others ;-; oh well!! I got prisim markers so maybe I can get another better picture for the next contest.
Fine fine. Well the least you can do is play Kingdom Hearts...I've decided not to be mad at you anymore *Hugz* :3 you're to awesome to hate for to long :D
Poped you're comment cherry

D< Grrr go play Kingdom Hearts now! and stop hiding I will find you.
*Beats up Ki* GO READ IT!!!!!! *hissing noises* I guess Im still a little pissed from before, Im not the kind of girl to set off --'
I'd so be darkness Im an evil meany-face *picks flowers* What flowers can be evil *points to Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts*
Yah fear me! BUAHAHAHA! kidding Im not that evil --'

@BlackCatz: Yah my mom said I would end up eating my dog so it ended up as Poochie
Oh cool, my computer is fried because ofmy IDIOT sister I want to rip her intestins out and strangle her with them, then leave her for half dead and force feed her her guts!!! *snaps wooden block in half*
so now my computer has a virus and now I have to wipe the harddrive and then Get every single clip I ever downloaded/uploaded BACK!!!! UGGHGHHGHGHGHHHH!!!! And to top that all off I wont have my Amv for the next anime club meeting!!
@ BlackCatz: I wanted to name it Oreo D: because she's black with a white belly :3
O_O ZOMFG! Please tell me you've read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer...She is like the best selling Vampire Novelist. Breaking Dawn is the last book in the main series of Twilight. Go read the first book if you havent! I Riku COMMAND YOU TO!!!!!
The dogs made me giggle lol

@BlackCatz: My dog's name is Poochie...
I swear I'd get my character page up on here if someone would approve me!
Sorry sexy glasses man she's to cold way to cold. ZOMFG! I finished Breaking Dawn it made me sniffle ;-;
xD the friggin snail!
Yah, draw my own tones? How the hell do you do that? like I mean getting the pretty grey shades :/
But guys with glasses are hot! anyway lol I did put glue in his hair for reveenge. and American animatioin sucks un less its Avatar, Family guy, American Dad, or Robot chicken.
Well it is very difficult when the screen tone REFUSE to come off the page without breaking up.
I freaking hate screen toning by hand! * rips out hair* I mean its like so hard!!! *CRIES*
Ginger is the girl from South Park with really red hair lol and I gots Prisim markers!!! a crap load of them too! Omg I love my Pop-pop he bought me screen tones and a new sketch pad(hard cover) and new inking pens! I LUV HIM! Omg and at 3.75 $ a Marker It totaled to like 70$ in markers alone ;-; :D

oh and one more thing, my ass of a brother put liquid glue in my hair on purpos and I cant wash it out and school starts tomorrow! *stabs brother*
sorry for ranting ;-;