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She now rellizes she's mute.
*sees Ellis playing with the fork* SSSOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karma much.
Oh yes
Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! First new page in a while.
Keep up the amazing work!
Great job
Keep up the amazing work.
It's a bit tricky to tell who is who but I figured it out eventually.
Could it be he used foursight? So he could rescue them?
Great job
I got a bad feeling about... oh wait last mission.... ok nevermind.
Nevermind false alarm it was just a typo lol
I just found out yellowfang is a guy. I thought he was an old women...
So this mystery dungeon is rare because it doesn't change... oh and also...RUN!!!!
I found this when reading the first book.