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Let's do this
I agree this is going to be great i can tell.
I wonder who "she" is?
October 18th, 2018
Heya great work so far keep it up!
Isn't she always chill because she is an ice type.
Almost died
This is the second time Aurora almost died!
I believed that Ace would either die or go into some sort of coma or something but he just got decapitated.
Well i hope someone picks up that phone because i called it and also omg!!!!
*sees title* oh neat Narnia reference
If i were to guess the core or an extra core or another line of defence.
The last panel LOL!!
Lol and your welcome, still looks so good and the plot seems interesting.
Holy cow this art is spactaculer.
Wait cant lapras only hold about four people at once how will they get on lapras' back?
"I like the sound of that" that reminds me of a country song.