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When someone's favorite character or ship gets destroyed... (*crys*)
Welp that's reincarnation for ya
You keep doing you
I hope you get better soon and keep doing the best you can!
This art style is beautiful great job!
Cue danganrompa found a corpse music!!!!
And that is how to make Popo even creeper... cool.
The panel swap and the song! This is comedy at it's finest!
Um... is he possessed?
The last panel looks beautiful (in a creepy sorta way...)
It looks great keep it up!!
Ok forget I said anything
Jake x Claude shippers are probably going to like the 2nd panel.
Welp I'm getting Persona/dejavu vibes on this page.
Is it just me or is the silcoon cu- and I'm already hugging him/her while being stabbed by it's spikes...
Aaaaaa!!!!! *an unknown force pushes me toward the zorua and makes me snuggle* I CAN'T STOP!!!!
Here we go again!
*Hugs all the characters he can* U all so dang cute!!!!
I wonder how this comic play out.