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I wonder why that zorua is looking in their direction... hmm?!
Bayani has gotten use to being as slow as a turtle these past 200 years.
Wow the garchomp's eyes look beautiful.
*whispers* "Stop staring".
*hug* I've lost count of how many times I've hugged.
*inhale and sigh* welp *hug* I may have lost my manhood.
Bayani: you look creepy
I've only uploaded one (not so good) video. Nothing like that ever happened to me.
February 11th, 2019
15 min
When you see something amazing and it's already over 15 min ago...
Lol made a good hypothesis
Figured out what that says but won't show unless I can?
Kyle: wow you were right Pixel I am cute.
Pixel: he he
Actually the whole other team in the background looks cool
That zorua in the background looks cool.
What danger
They can't die in this world how would anyone be in danger?
I've got to say this Dylan to me would sound like Drumbunker Dragon from Buddyfight.
An even better question is if he went to his original world and back or he is still stuck in this world? If the latter his family might assume he is dead...
"Don't draw attention to yourself" like saying "hey everybody I'm a human with no idea of why I'm a pokemon with no memories when I was human or why I'm even here."
Treeko: Does that happen a lot
Voice: EVERY... SINGLE... TIME!!
February 7th, 2019
Me in a nutshell... sort of
Welp here we go again *hugs all the characters I can*.