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I actually have autism
What do I see
Is that a to kill a mockingbird poster
*a monster house appears* RUN!!!!
This is a pretty neat summoning method and I like the story!
The number is...
@Guest: there are twelve of them
This is amazing!!
@wedward45: oh don't get me started on the bad puns or else it's going to overheat my brain and damage my inner persona.
The adventure begins...
Also does anyone know how to post a image on here?
Also clarification is the tide a deity to them or wut?
This crab is too cute and hilarious without any words lol!
April 17th, 2019
When someone's favorite character or ship gets destroyed... (*crys*)
Welp that's reincarnation for ya
You keep doing you
I hope you get better soon and keep doing the best you can!
This art style is beautiful great job!
Cue danganrompa found a corpse music!!!!
And that is how to make Popo even creeper... cool.
The panel swap and the song! This is comedy at it's finest!