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Alternate dimensions!
Its starting omg yes
Lol i was thinking more of a Soul and Blackstar sort of run and hug but this is more hilarious lol.
Good show i say good show!
Who is ready to main Joker when the dlc is released. If so say I.
When a mega absol of all people tells you that the end is near you better believe it or else die.
Welp at leats it isnt frisk that is getting hurt in this universe.
First of all...
CALLED IT! Second oh no...
Get ready for an anime like reunion scene!
Is that a key stone he has cluched in his hands?
Ship Ship Ship Ship I Ship.
Lol sad
@Guest: When does anyone in any other country say "oh my beautiful boy" without insinuating that they are gay? (Well there is the possibility that wigglytuff is a girl, but in other PMD comics most of them depicts Wigglytuff as a guy).
Wwwwoooohhhhhhoooooo its time omg
"You gotta believe!!"
Great art and story!