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Just a random girl desiring to show the world her artistic creations spawned from her twisted imagination of rainbows and bloodshed.
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very nice page, but if purple is on assistants left in the second panel, shouldn't they be on the opposite sides in the third?
i AW'ED so hard at dis! Indigo is a precious bean! <3
I was NOT expecting that =O
but if he's from stratoverse, then how did he change his clothes to indigo? isn't that something specific to the people from wherever red and blue are from? is he like, half and half? that'd certainly be interesting! Anyway, theories aside, this is a very nice page! I wanna pet his cloud hair so badly! HNG!
i remember watching the live stream when u made this page. good times.

poor assistant though. she needs a hug... a hug from petunia! petunia must give the best comfort hugs! =)