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Noiz Bunny Cube
I like yaoi and, as far as anime is concerned, I don't like females. It's nothing against anyone, I just... I hate big-breasted airheads that have no real plot to the story (Like the blond from Blue Exorcist) and I hate unnecessary pantie shots, nude scenes, etc. I mean, seriously, when was the last time that was acceptable for guys to do it? Name one, other than Gray from Fairytail, that has as much fanservice material as girls. It's irritating. I guess that's part of the reason I became obsessed with yaoi lmfao However, I do still like female characters, if they're well thought up. Like Izumi from Fullmetal Alchemist, Hanji from Attack on Titan, Celty from Durarara, Karako from Deadman Wonderland, Ryouko from Tokyo Ghoul, Etc. I don't/won't have any comics because I'm a terrible artist, digitally. I'd like to call myself a writer and "specialize" in BL/yaoi novels. Of course, it's not entirely JUST yaoi, there's ones that have major plots, and some that don't. If you have any questions or wanna chat, just let me know~
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Aaaw, letting him stay at home after reking his ass <3 I hope he doesn't act like it was a fling or anything :Tc
When the make-out scene started, I screamed and vowed to "strike" this comic until the full scene and, hopefully, sex scenes were done, and I am failing horribly on that vow. It's just too good to strike!!!
He is super hot with his hair down. Not only that, but he looked pretty damn intimidating and sexy in that second panel.
Good Boy is totally going on my wishlist Q-Q
Personally, I wasn't confused at all; I was following everything pretty well. Also, I had a feeling Vanilla loved Jura, so seeing that he actually, cannonly, does, makes me a very happy bean uwu
Is it bad that I'm slowly starting to ship Wes and Kylee??? I mean... It could go either way and I'd be happy and disappointed all at once. Or it could all just be one big threesome >w>
Naked Herz is best Herz. All I want now is to watch him kick alien ass butt naked with his dick flapping everywhere XD
In order from left to right, awkward boner, excited boner, over excited boner. Boners all around. Wes' face is fucking killing me though X'D I think that's going to be my new pic lol
Noiz Bunny Cube
July 30th, 2017
BRUH. He could wish for something like "End world hunger" or some other beauty pageant speech type wish
@*milk+assassin*: You should totally add that to your fanart gallery hahaha
Oh my, is Vanilla jealous? :O
I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but Kim IS wearing all black; a page late on that observation, sure. However, if you remember what Kylee said about Wes, he said "The all black attire was an added bonus." And now Kim is wearing black. Hmm. It looks like he's been jealous from the start of it all, haha~
Kim's blush is cute and all, but I LOVE Kylee's face in the third panel, hot DAMN. Though, I wanna know if Kim is feeling jealous because he's aware of his feelings or if it's that cliche of "Why do I feel like this? Don't I hate him!?"

Also, may I note that it would be HOT if Kim were to be seen masturbating to the thought of Kylee's wide, confused eyes as he's being pinned? Because I think that would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g to see.

ALSO also, second panel, bottom Kylee; third panel, top Kylee. Huehuehuehuehuehue~
Dang son, you need some peanut butter to go with all that jelly?? XD
Noel.exe has stopped working LMFAO
As much of an aesthetic it is for me to see characters with their hair down when it's usually up or vice versa, I think he looks like Vanilla with his hair down lmao
Poor kylee lmao he's probably thinking "Oh shit" repeatedly, judging by his face. Poor babe
You know, I think Kim IS jealous, but he doesn't realize it because "He's just an annoying brat" to Kim; I think it'll take a bit more "flirting" on Wes' side before he realizes that he likes Kylee~
Everyone on here is saying "oh I can't choose between the ships!!" but I think it should be a threesome or polygamous relationship <3
AAAAAAH! Wes is so cute!! QuQ