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BBS is dead haha good to see you're still "living" :P
Your comic seems to possibly have some promise, but I do have a few suggestions to make it better. Take them as you will as it is just suggestions on improvement.

First of all, the Castlevania sprites you are using are by far not a good choice. At all. I'd suggest looking for sprites from either the GBA or DS games, to fit in better. As it is now, you're having multiple style clash against each other and it's not working out in your favor.

Second, try to fix your grammar a little. Most people won't read a comic if the grammar is bad or is hard to understand. To fix this, try using a program like Microsoft Word to check your work before you add it into the comic.

Next, your layout is all over the place. Every panel has different widths for the outlines, same with the text bubbles. Stick with a small outline so as to not detract from what's important which is what's inside of the panels.
As for the text boxes, the same thing with the overly big outlines. It's a nice touch to add them in, but they don't need to be so big. It takes up a lot of space, which I'll get to in a second. As for the font, try to use a comic font like Anime Ace. A nice font adds a lot to a comic. And remember. Don't let the text touch the outsides of the bubbles. It will make it more difficult to read and even turn off some people.

Now, above I was telling you about how the outlines waste space? Well instead of abnormally big text bubbles, why not make your panels bigger, and zoom in on important parts? In panels 3, 4, and 5, you have a lot of background that doesn't need to be there. It's all empty space. Zooming in on a character also gives the readers more of an idea of emotion. Is it a tense panel? A happy panel? What should we be feeling? Try to convey that in your characters faces as well as utilizing the panel layout.

Next for your characters, I have only one problem with them. Who are they? Why should I care about them? What is the meaning of them to the story? You started off with the brown fox fighting Dracula and then Dracula runs off. Why was he fighting Dracula? What's his back-story? Who is he? Why should I care? Also the blue fox, why is he in the castle as well? What's his point to what's happening? It seems like you're making this comic for yourself and not for yourself and other readers which should be the goal of the comic. To be enjoyable for anyone to read. Right now I don't really enjoy it as the characters have no depth to me. They seem like they're just there. It says he's a vampire hunter, but I want to know more about him. Why is he a vampire hunter? Why is he going after Dracula? What are his other accomplishments? All I know is he's there. That's it.

As for a final comment, you don't need the panel at the very bottom. That could very easily be taken out, and put into the authors comment section, or on a custom page.

Anyways, I'm sorry if this seemed a bit harsh, but it's been a while since I've seen a Castlevania element added into a comic, so you've got my interest from that. It seems to have some potential so I want to see you do good. If you do need help or advice with any of these things, feel free to ask me, and I'll gladly help in the time I have free if I can.

- Your sprites are clashing and they look bad.
- Your grammar and spelling need some improvement.
- Your layout needs cleaned up and you have a lot of unused blank space.
- Your characters are bland, boring, and I want to know more about them. Don't just drop us in the middle of the story with no explanation as to what's going on with no reasoning behind it at all.
- If you need help with anything feel free to ask me.

So I'll add this to my favs for now, and hope to see some progression from you guys.
Little problem on this page. It's hard to see the different panels. It can easily be remedied next time by outline your panels in black, or putting a texture behind them (not recommended). Other than that, it's OK...
Seems decent so far.
I'll fav for now to see where it goes from here.

Also, I took a look at your profile (habit of mine), and you really should go through the comics you're in...I counted 93 comics.
I got to agree with the KOA. Niel Fluffybumpkin = best name ever =3
*already ate the kitten*

perhaps you should just list everyone that's in it so people can see if the want to look at it :P
Fruity Loops is a great tool to use, I've used it before, and it's not too bad...but I only know simple stuff for right now...
Sam and Max = automatic win =3 about OLD...
I wonder if anyone else noticed that one hidden icon where all the systems it comes out on is at :S
Seems a bit bland to me...
Another problem with the bottom most one, is that the muzzle/mouth seems a bit too large.
Also, the arms look like they would drag on the floor if he takes them out of his pockets.
If it's not broke, you should fix it til it is :P
Did you change his eyes as well? Something about them now makes him look like a kid...Also you may want to make the hair move while he's running/jogging/walking
What's she doing with her hand? O.o
Says the person who gets killed by the girl he knocked up.