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It's me! I'm some kind of artist. I like to make comics and draw and all that fun artsy stuff.
Currently my main project is an awesome webcomic called Adventures with Capt'n Heroic.
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    Jonathan Greer
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Oh No!!!!! It looks like it's over for our naked hero!!!!

The past two weeks have been a little off schedule for me. I just moved to Williamsburg, VA from NJ, and I had a big family vacation last week. But this week I'm back on track and all rested up. My goal for the rest of the year is to get to where I can start posting 2 webcomic pages a week of Adventures with Capt'n Heroic. This all depends on my work schedule, and how much gaming time I can cut out!

You guys be sure to let me know what you're thinking of the comic so far by leaving a comment, either here or somewhere else on social media! Capt'n Heroic is on most platforms.

Thanks so much for being awesome!
-Jonathan Greer-
Stay focused Capt'n, Stay focused! Capt'n Heroic is too easily distracted!!
I apologize for being off this week. I'll be off next week as well probably. It's been a crazy few weeks for me. I've been moving from NJ to VA.
Next two weeks will be crazy!
Hey all! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be making a big move from NJ to VA this coming weekend, and then I will be on a family vacation for about a week. I am going to try to update the comic when I can, but if I miss a day, please forgive me!
Thanks so much for sticking in here with me!
Jonathan Greer
Now he's just playing with the Octo-Ape! Will that be his downfall?
Hey all! I want to thank you all for reading my webcomic! Capt'n Heroic has been a ton of fun to write and work on. I've got a few more stories in mind and 2 that I'm working on now. He will get in costume soon, I promise!

Once I get the second story complete, I'm going to run a Kickstarter campaign for the first 2 chapters, which will be in 1 TPB, or in single floppy copies... but that's a while from now.
I am hoping to start releasing 2 pages a week soon. I am going through a huge life transition next month so things will change a bit for me. I'll be moving from the NYC/NJ area to Williamsburg, VA. I'm super excited and ready for the move, but that means I'll be transitioning jobs... so that is always scary and exciting all wrapped up together.

I also want to note that I like to host small giveaways. Most of these giveaways will probably focus on either facebook, instagram, or Line Webtoon, so be sure to find me there.
If you search for me on Webtoon, just note that due to their search engine, I had to spell it "Captain Heroic" instead of "Capt'n Heroic." The apostrophe was throwing off the search engine for some reason. So check that out for now!

Thanks all!
Giveaway on Tapastic
As a little promotion this week, I am trying a giveaway on Tapastic. I'm trying to get more followers there, so I wanted to host the giveaway there. But I also want to invite all of my readers here on SmackJeeves to come try to win. One of my favorite shows is Rick and Morty, so I thought a Rick and Morty themed giveaway would be pretty awesome. I hope you like it too.
All you have to do to enter, is subscribe to Capt'n Heroic on Tapas ( , find page 64 and comment your favorite character and why in the comments on that page. More details are highlighted in the description on Tapas, so be sure to check it out!
@Captain Galactose:
Thanks for subbing! I guess it is the apostrophe. Webtoon is weird like that. I tried to figure it out. So I ended up switching the title to Adventures with CAPTAIN Heroic so that searches will recognize at least something. Thanks so much for the heads up on that.
@Captain Galactose: Hey! Thanks so much for the comment. I'm stoked that you like it! I actually am on Webtoons. I'm not sure why it isn't showing up. I think the apostrophe messes up the search. but a quick link is:
Nooooo! He's going to DIE!
He's going to Die!!!! I just know it! What do you think? Can Capt'n Heroic make it out alive?
Lue seems to be enjoying his little show!
Is he EVER going to catch that damn cat?!? Adventures with Capt’n Heroic: In the Beginning- Page 50
It's going Down!!!!!
The Silent Knight is preparing to stop the crazy beast that is terrorizing Pearl City!
I don't think Lue is worried about Capt'n Heroic getting in the way of his plan.
The Silent Knight sees something fall from the sky. What could it be? Is it Capt'n Heroic?
Next Week:
God's defected hero comes up with a plan to not go to Sheol. Will it work? Find out in the next episode of Adventures with Capt'n Heroic.
The Silent Knight comes up with a plan to stop the monster from destroying Pearl City.
Jesus sends the Prospect on an important mission while him and Archie go on a mission of their own.
1 Extra page this week!
Hey everyone. I wanted to add an extra page today. The last page felt like nothing really happened for me. I didn't want to delete it altogether, but I do want my story to progress each week. So I have added a new page today to make up for that.
I am not on my second story, and looking back at the first story, I can see many things I would do differently. With each page I create, I can tell I'm getting a little better.
This is a huge learning process for me... and I'm loving every minute of it.
Thanks so much for hanging in here with me!! I hope you are enjoying reading Adventures with Capt'n Heroic as much as I am enjoying writing it.
They are naked!!!! Yuk!!!
The man named Jesus guides his naked superhero friends to their final destinations in this episode of the Adventures with Capt'n Heroic webcomic series.
Next episode
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