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Godzilla and Animal Jam and Roblox and other stuff.

I like Korean stuff.
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On my iPad this just has a million ads in the background.
I hate Harmony more than I ever did, and Rick and Lem are getting more favorited.
Yay I finally hacked my brother's computer!!!
*Not that anybody cares*
This is my art dump!!!!!
In every ALT text, I will put the link to my picture!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Hey.

I just realized something, and that's rare.

You... you are... *how do I say this without looking mean or stupid* a collage student.. wh- who does so much for people... even though all da hate swarms sometimes.
Who has amazing drawings and I pretty much imagined myself looking like when I am your age.. well.. besides the drawings.
Who... who spends all of your time, answering asks, drawing comics, doing your homework, *if you don't procrastinate* and doing commissions.
how do you stay alive, is my one question.
Do you even have free time?
But my point is, thank you. Thank you. And I think I am speaking for most people. Thanks for sacraficing your time.
To us.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Why did you just say fart?

I love this game.
@TalkingEevee: Oh My God well Cub will like to say hi. In fact she is with me right now and she is shocked to see you. By the way she quit Smackjeeves because APPARENTLY her life is too 'busy' lol. I have a feeling she just grew up.
How--- where did this story come from?!?
I tried at LEAST five different comics before finding some plot in a comic.
Then I realized that the characters were NOT mine. (Not to name anybody.)
Seriously. Where did the idea come from? Please don't answer that you were laying down than everything magically came to you.
I am glad to take your time.
@Pinkeevee222: yay live streammmmmmmmmmmm
Do you just steal?