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Hello there. :)
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    Joo Hyun Y.
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October 20th, 2009
So sorry for the long long wait. The future of updates is kind of shaky at this point because of some family matters that needs attending to. I will try to be more regular about it, though.

Very sorry again! ><
September 1st, 2009
Sorry about the delay.
Our house is a couple of streets below one of the mandatory evacuation zones for that gigantic Station Fire in Los Angeles, so it's been a stressful week. Our aunt was already evacuated and so her family is staying with us until it's safe for them to go back. Hopefully everything will go well.. ><
Aw. Astir looks so adorable when he's insulting people. :D
He really should have just taken that kiss. :3
Yay! So many pretty pages updates since I last read this! :D
Thank you all for 2000+ fans! I'm so sorry that this comic's update record is in such a bad shape. The next page is pretty simple so I am going to try to work on it at work so that it it will be up by Saturday. ><;
Behold the dorky-ness of teenager Keith's hair. :D

Thank you all for your kind words a month ago! >.< I'm still going to try to update once a week (even though it looks impossible right now)and thank you all for being so understanding!!

To answer a few questions:
Probie: We are a very small cloth cutting and clothes-making shop. It's not terribly exciting. :P

Emit: I'm sorry but I don't know enough Spanish to, or know someone who would, be able to translate my stuff. :(
Sorry for the wait! Recent economic difficulties has forced me to quit my part-time job and start working at my family's small business. This took up a bigger chunk of my time than my previous job and it was pretty hectic juggling all of my responsibilities. However, with school finally over for the summer, hopefully I can start updating once-a-week again. :D
I love that last panel! all the lines and..argh! The way you do backgrounds and action scenes are just so very beautiful.
Ah. It's been so long since I have been able to sit down and read this. T.T

Jidai's clothes are too awesome for words. It kills me that he makes them, too. :B
Wow. He's got a very horrible aim. Or just bad depth perception. XD I can't stop laughing at how high up he threw that thing. I guess he spent too much time in front of a tv and ruined his eyesight/hand coordination. :P

I love the way you color. It looks so very fun and lighthearted. It's completely at odds with Atticus's character but it makes it so much more awesome. :3
Aww. Poor Vlad. D: He's not getting his sexin' on..
Argh! Sorry for the huge delay! EC's, work, and finals all came together this month and It was harder than I anticipated trying to balance everything and also draw comics. But this was a much needed break as I agree that the story was getting stale and I wasn't sure how to move the story along. I only have a week-long spring break so I'll try to get this story back on track by the time school starts up again!
February 28th, 2009
Argh. I need to know what happens next. XO
Is this one of those small town things where they pretend that they like eachother but then gossip like hell? :O

And I agree with everyone else. Your backgrounds are freaking amazing. :D
I thought she was going to say 'his face', but now I think it is 'his father.' :D
February 28th, 2009
I think I did horribly on my physics midterm. :(
Anywyas, this page was uploaded so late because I couldn't think of a line someone would use in a cop porno to talk about sex. >< That line is pretty lame isn't it?

But OMG! Thank you all so much for 1400+ fans! :D I'm going to try to get another page out tomorrow!
February 22nd, 2009
Ugh. My eyes are burning from studying.

But I took a break and quickly drew this page on the computer.
Wow. I wouldn't have thought you spent only an hour on this page! It looks great! :D
I wouldn't have been able to get a flu shot either if my school hadn't given it for free.
LOL. It's creepy how oak's eyes shine in the darkness. XD