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personally. I think th old cover better fit the comedic tone
why is nobody noticing that the author is more than an outline now?????
dedede is gonna kill key... actually that would probably backfire.
how would a waddle dee start a fire.

paroles DEFINITELY couldn't do it(its a water based ability.).so unless the spear ability has a fire move there is no way they could frame the dees could do it without help...

framing the bonkers would be a better idea. hammer is a fire based ability and they are definitely dumb enough to start a fire.
don't forget bandana dee.

bandana dee is actually pretty tough. I mean srsly, he can spin a spear above is head so fast that he flies. that takes a lot of strength and skill.
@potatoast: I don't actually know if there are kids here. I just want my comic to be a safe place if any kids read my comics in the future
@potatoast: plz. this it a kid friendly comic.

I understand that this is simply the way that you talk. (believe me, I know). but please try to refrain from using mature language. thank you
@potatoast: maybe bring a shovel to this duel
I do admit that this joke is partially political.

making fun of Fox News
sorry about the hiatus.

I will try to post more
@potatoast: am I really that ugly... :=(

@potatoast: drabbitron 56,000 of destruction.
I did not want to deadliest your comment. but this is a kid friendly comic. please refrain from using profanities.
@potatoast: YOU are reading my comic?!?!

*incoherent squeals*
in the second to last panel Ganondorf's hair got wet and drooped down to the point where it covered the gem on his forehead. but in the next panel it parted and his gem is clearly visible.

conclusion: Ganondorf's hair is alive!!!