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I'm just me. AIM me to find out more.
Bahaha! Escape!
(: very precious.
love love love.
in love with your work.
I'm really excited someone is doing something on trans people. This is super cool. (:
Ahhh damn monday.
I am in love with your style.
gorgeous work.
gorgeous style.
you're super talented.
i love the fact that Ren is on his side in the last panel. He's so damn cute. And Clover looks precious in the first panel. (:
haha, poor clover.
love this. it's super cute and funny.
oh god. love the vag terminology.
made my day.
Haha, love the bookshelf. Nice titles.
(has read all the rainbow boys books)
oh yay.
I adore Jenny Haniver, it brightens my day.
Bahaha, i love you! Fruit Salad is the best wiggles song. (:
God i love this comic.
Bahaha, nice. (:
oh and good luck!
Oh god, Yui is so freaking cute. Jack and him are adorable together.