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Gaaaaaah, I have so many feels about this right now!! Because I totally get where BOTH of them are coming from in this situation.
I mean, Angie has been really supportive towards Dylan and giving advice when he was first trying to figure out this whole relationship with Joa. And even going so far as to include said new boyfriend into everything. But the fact that such a serious and "potentially dangerous" (we all know Joa wouldn't hurt them, but the fact is THEY don't know that) supernatural being was welcomed into her home without any prior warning that he WAS a supernatural being; that's a big deal. And she has every right to feel a little betrayed by that. I mean, this is a super big secret to keep from your best friends!
But it's not really one of those things you can bring up in a serious conversation without it still coming off as a joke, so I can totally understand why Dylan was so weary about doing so. And plus, it wasn't Dylan's secret to tell. It was Joa's. Dylan and Joa should have talked about revealing this to his friends once their relationship started getting so serious, and the friends became involved. He could have definitely handled this a lot more maturely than he has, maybe giving a better explanation then "I don't know", but considering that this is Dylan's FIRST real relationship and he's been sort of preoccupied, you have to cut the guy a little break. But it should have been handled better on their end.
It's one of those 'Double Edged Swords' situations. Either they don't believe him and something like this comes about anyways. Or they do and everyone is able to work it out logically and acceptably. But even if they DID talk it out before now and proved that Joa was a vampire, there was still the chance that Angie, Alf and co. wouldn't accept it. But it would have been a higher possibility if Dylan and Joa had come out before now before they all found out on their own and flipped.
I'll say this, I definitely don't agree with the Angie-hating going on, because she's actually being super calm about this considering how she found out and has every right to be upset. I personally want to find out what Alf is thinking about all this, because he's been quiet this whole time.
Simon, NO!!
Don't do it, bro, it's a trap!

Also, can't remember if I've ever posted a comment on here before but in case I haven't, LOVE this comic and all the angels with the fabulously ridiculous hair and just the storyline is so interesting and just GAH!! I can't wait to read more!!
Brynn is such a precious bab and this is basically me when I'm shopping for anything, anywhere, with anyone.
It's because of dem buns of yours Dylan!! He wants to show them off!!

Have plenty of fun at Tracon, and no worries about updates you spoil us as is!! u3u <3
Look at these adorable babs I just wanna smooch'em!! *SMOOCHES THEIR FACES!!*

Thank you for actually taking the time to create this wonderful comic and to keep posting updates and art. This is one of those comics that, whenever I see it, I get super excited that it updated. Thank you!!
First, just want to say I LOVE this comic, the story and art is just amazing (Micah is adorbs lol) and I can't wait for updates!!
Second, that towel must be magic or something because there is no way it could have stayed on so long otherwise.
I have the feeling that something is going to go terribly terribly wrong in the coming pages.

First time commenting, just wanna say I LOVE this comic and the art style is so cute!! Can't wait to see what happens!!
@ViragoWerewolf: Oh, sweet, I got something right!! :D <3<3
Also, Clifford is adorable and Virago doesn't give a damn about dat bunbun lmfao.
I just realized something. All the current wolves we've been seeing so far (excluding Rocky) have similar markings around the mouth and eyes. Is that to show they're part of a pack together?
This could either end very well, or very very bad.
This is just a guess but....shit 'bout to go DOWN.
Oh hello there woofers, are you who I think you are~??
Poor Tonomi. Irony, hug her! She needs a hug immediately!!
oh. Oh. OH! HELLO VIRAGO, NICE TA MEET'CHA!! WHAT'CHU DOING WITH OUR CUTIE ROCKY RIGHT THAR! Lol, he looks like a little brat, can't wait to see what mischief he gives our adorable little couple there, kufufu~!!
@Amapora: Oh, I wouldn't want you to spoil anything, that would ruin the surprise! Kufufu :3c
And I'll probably keep calling him Irony from now on because really, all of this is rather ironic, isn't it? xD
*gives all the love* <3333333
Okay, I've never posted a comment for this comic but I just want to say....

Omg I love this so much, Tonomi is so flippin' adorable and Katsuo (I still feel the need to call him Irony, help) is so flippin' smooth and cute all wrapped into one and omg. And though I can't exactly say I LIKE Link, I can't exactly hate him either because even though I don't condone his cheating--that never fixes anything--I can also understand that he's kinda having a crisis in his life right now and just has know idea what the hell he's doing anymore.

I like to think that one of two things might have happened if Link and Tonomi had just talked things out before Tessa came into the picture. Either they would realize the mistakes they were making and worked harder to make their relationship work, or they would have realized that their relationship wasn't going anywhere and broken it off. The fact that, although Link might still love her in some way, he did state in his introduction that she was the only reason he had a roof over his head makes me think that part of his attempts at trying to get her forgiveness is also a subconscious attempt at self-preservation: If he breaks up with her, he has nowhere to live. Is that the only reason? Heck no, I think he finally got his head out of his ass and realized just how much of a douche he was and that he still cares about her. But is it still love? Well, I guess we'll find out.
And Although Tonomi is the victim in this, her constantly running away from the situation and not facing it head on is only going to make the hurt continue until she faces it and figures out just what she still wants in her relationship. Will she go back with Link and forget about Katsuo? Considering how long they've been together, it's possible but probably not the best move at this point although there is still the possibility of redemption and forgiveness between the two once they've had time to process everything that's happened. Will she leave Link at last and attempt a relationship with Katsuo? Also possible, and from what you guys have revealed about his personality THUS FAR (who knows what else he's like he's still a mystery kufufu), he might actually be good for her. (Also, the pairing I'm hoping for in then end because I personally can't forgive cheating and Katuso's just adorable, seriously, can I marry him?)

And beyond all my speculation and wall-of-text-ing, I just want to say again I love this story and how realistic you've made their reactions and emotions thus far. Keep it going, I can't wait to see what happens next! (Also, Tessa's a skank, I see no redemption for her at all)
Ps. Sorry about the wall of text!!
I just realized last page is the first time I ever commented. So I just want to say THIS COMIC IS AMAZING AND ADORABLE AND I WANT TO MARRY ROCKY'S DAD. Also I want a mini Dante to keep in my pocket.

Rocky's dad (I can't remember if you said his name at all yet sobs) looks miiiighty suspicious here, mhm. Don't worry, dad, your boys still an innocent little pup! For now~ ;)
Awww, daddy is feeling that empty-nest syndrome already. DON'T WORRY DAD, HE'LL STAY YOUR LITTLE PUPPY FOREVER!! ...JUST WITH AN ADDED BOYFRIEND. XD

Btw, Puppy-Rocky is the cutest thing ever, and SO EXPLAINS how such a young guy was able to so easily adopt. (because he's still pretty young to be a dad, right?)