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*Teleports behind you* Nothing Personnel kid
In all honesty, a really great page! Well done Neko!
Getting a fire type to enjoy swimming.... Nice one Neko XD
To show you the power of flex tape, I sawed this quilava in half!
Gotta catch em all
aaaand the question has been asked. Now it's the time for the author to answer.
That stack of pancakes though...
Well that happened.
HB in a fedora. The white knight of everyone's dreams.
Holy frick Jen's face in the second to last panel is amazing...
Dusk, all you need to do is change their internet to dial up. Then they still won't be able to use the computer.
Hello Naya! How are you doing?
I completely agree! I think that this way of doing the dungeon montage is great!
@CyberDragon: remember that Leon healed him
@Aura flame: they were playing pokemon cards two pages ago as well
The art here is amazing, and the story hasn't disappointed so far! Keep it up!
Wait... Is the Bronzong named Isabell...