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Hey there! I'm Ominousmoon! I love to draw and make comics! I hope you like what you see here. If you want more visit my deviantart account!

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Two comics in one day. Hope you like!
Sorry for the long wait y'all. Been busy with work
Oh goodness will they be able to make it out???
@Triforce Fandom: Iwatch the show too. It's really good.
Sorry that was autocorrect. I'm not really a brony because I'm not a hardcore fan. I would just prefer to be a regular fan
I actually only drew Capper once. But everyone liked it so I did more :P. I wouldn't call myself a bro my but I do like MLP
Metal vs Flesh. Yeah this is really happening!

High resolution image on my Patreon
Oh ok, so they're actually gonna do it. Let's see how it goes!
High resolution image on my Patreon
Comig soon!
Just decided to post a tiny preview. Next page is coming soon and the fight should start the page after that. Oh I can't wait!
*hug* Thank you so much!
Here it is!
Sorry for the long wait! I've been looking for a job and now hurricane Harvey has our streets flooded but here is the page! Next one is coming soon!
@Triforce Fandom: Hi there. Sorry for not updating as much. For now I'm taking a break on my art and the comic until I can land a job. I've been busy looking and I've also had a bit of stress on me lately. I do apologize for the long wait.
Things are getting heated!
Watch out guys things are about to get crazy within the next few pages! It's Pepperus vs Chance!

How will this go?

High resolution image on my Patreon
So Chance just took a blow from a hunk of metal! Wonder how that'll go

High resolution image on my Patreon
Ok well the name is kind of interesting but what will happen next?
High resolution image on my Patreon
Thank you!
Image pretty much says it all!
It's here!
AYYYY!!! Sorry for the long wait with this one! Finals and all. But here it is! Let’s see what Logan is hiding under those sheets!

High resolution image on my Patreon
Baby camels
Don't you just love baby camels? hahaha
@triforce fandom: I fixed it on Deviantart but I an't seem to edit the pages individually
I'm guessing he's not your most favorite character?