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Gamenerd through and through, yup... that's Kayorei. I'm a fan of Mega Man to the point of ridicule, which should be evident considering I've taken time out to actually hand-draw a Mega Man webcomic. Classic series is my favorite, but I've grown attached to Battle Network. I'm also into Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Touhou, and Klonoa.

Mm... what else...? Color. It's my strong suit as far as graphic art goes and a favorite non-gaming pastime. Give me colored pencils or a tablet and a nice piece of lineart and I'm happy. I'm still working on improving my artistic ability (particularly on the lineart front) and I hope to be able to do some real animating someday. Until then, I have my comic ideas... some of which may actually see the face of Smack Jeeves if I can ever get them off the ground. Here's hoping!
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Just a little preview/prologue for a sprite comic I've got in the works called "Benefactors". It's not quite ready for viewing yet, but we'll be seeing it on the Smack Jeeves front page (not to mention my "Other Works" section) in due time.

It isn't my first foray into sprite comicking, but it is my first time using Photoshop to assist with the process. I'm usually an MSPaint purist, so those motion blurs went against everything I stood for in a sprite comic.

I guess it's somewhat excusable what with the sprites being from a DS game with all its aliased icons and what have you. On that topic, settings are going to be tricky what with the only KSSU backgrounds I could find being Spring Breeze and Gourmet Race... and I refuse to use the GBA Kirby backgrounds. The styles may be similar, but I'm doubtful on if they're a close enough match.
Work In Progress
Well, if you managed to stumble upon this site... congratulations. You've found Benefactors Beta. The site's done, but the comic is still in the works. Actual posting starts when the first chapter is done, which shouldn't be too long.

You still get the prologue page that I've posted at Miscellaneosity.
The Shock Fades Quickly
Wow, it lives!

Holy crap, speedlines!

OMG copypaste!

... Anyway, yeah. I'm back at it now, and with any luck, my attention span will hold. I've been working a bit on some of my artistic style flaws while I was away (mostly the lack of facial structure variation; expect more Flash Man this storyline) and I'm seeing what I can do about making the paneling a bit less uniform. Hopefully the change will be for the better.

And yeah, Quick Man can be a bit heartless sometimes.

Kinda funny how my return to the scene happens to fall on a Thursday... or close enough. ... It's set to post on Thursday, darn it. Work with me here. It's not the first time I've posted a page half a day in advance.
Well... looking back, I can say I pretty much agree with everything you said here, especially the whole "six different faces" bit. I've been trying to work on that, but I can't seem to work around the eyes. -_-

I'd make a couple of arguments about the age of the first sixty-odd pages, my verbose nature, and my own imperfect style, but there's no point in me firing up the old Excuse Engine for something I literally asked for.

Thanks for this. If everything's average to the point of neutral opinion, it looks like I have quite a bit of work still to do.

On a side note, I've never even heard of The Wotch.
This comic doesn't have a schedule of any kind. If I wind up making a random comic for no reason, it'll wind up here. That's the entire purpose of this thing, after all.
BaldDumboRat - Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Guess I'll go ahead and make the review request official with a link, then, just in case.
Feels awkward asking, but is there an inactivity limit on comics that you guys review here? I ask because I'd like to have my comic "Everlasting Peace and All That..." reviewed, but it's been on something of an artist's block hiatus for going on five months now.

There's virtually no indication of any review submission guidelines anywhere around here. Just "post if you want your comic reviewed".
Djoing: That depends on how you look at it. The way I see it, they are the second generation of Wily-built Robot Masters (since the Mega Man 1 cast was built by Dr. Light), thus "Gen-2 Wily".

By the same logic, the Mega Man 9 Robot Masters would be "Gen-2 Light" despite their standing as the ninth overall generation because they were the second set of RMs created by Dr. Light.

Hope that made sense.
Yaypaint!!! XD
This was just a random oekaki micro-comic I doodled. The board I used to frequent had made its triumphant return and I felt this had to be said.

And yes, now you know my first and last initials.
o hi i got ur thing
Ugh, so LATE! Lots of stuff going on here, and the sudden, unexpected addition of a deadline has caused a bit of panic as far as my numerous projects go. Naturally, there's going to be some schedule slip. ¬_¬

Anyway, now for the official introduction of... the dragon. I think I'm getting better at drawing it. I like how the last two panels came out, too.

On a side note, the title brings me pain... but I couldn't think of any better way to put it than lolcat.
Like Donkey Kong
Introducing... the reason why Crash Man threatens my target PG rating. I was really having a time deciding how I was going execute censorship.

Psycho Quick Man was fun to draw. So was that aura in the second panel. Actually, I find myself amused by the entire exchange. ^_^*

On a side note, fear my coffee pot of total suck. Oh. And I hate the entire concept of the onomatopoeia.
Well, I found out exactly how much time it takes for me to finish a page... Ten hours... stopping only for the necessities because I didn't get to sketch the page until late Wednesday night.

Twelve hours late... but it's still Thursday here, so I'm still under the wire! *shot*

For being groggy and having a headache developing, I don't think I did too poorly. Flash Man and Air Man came out better than I expected and Heat Man makes this page totally worth it.

For the record, the "design flaw" Quick Man speaks of... if he consumes any form of stimulant, he becomes a twitchy, hyper-speed wreck THATTALKSSOMETHINGLIKETHISUNTILTHESTUFFWEARSOFF. I confess, he has his roots in Bob and George.
"Dear Diary..."
I've finally sworn to stop being so darn lazy with my backgrounds. Yeah, I'll admit that the last panel is a little... plain, but what could I do in that position?

Yeah, these guys live in a run-down old Skull Fortress. I see it as them just having fixed part of the place up to make it livable. On that topic, this one is infinitely better than the one from the first story.

Oh, and no, I haven't changed my font again. I just needed something to emulate handwriting to better get the point across that the narration's primarily from Quick Man's journal.
But She Still Has to Deal with Sakuya...
Me and my Touhou silliness... I'm almost 95% certain this joke's been done before, but I don't care.

Had to draw Meiling from memory... bleh.
What's This HP You Speak Of?
Written when I first got my hands on Mega Man Star Force and found out that only one of the two Gemini Sparks could be damaged. I had the joke in mind, but then I fudged up the delivery. Ehh, last non-chibi panel makes it worth it.

It was going to wind up in the Interludes of EPaAT, but I ultimately decided against it.
Introduction to Miscellaneosity
Yeah, pretty much everything said on the page is what I'd say down here, anyway.

And for the record, I don't specialize in sprite styles. Sonic Advance was the most convenient at the time. If I did specialize, it'd be in Mega Man Soccer style, thankyaverymuch.
Story 2: A Pest from the Past
About time, huh?

Ehh, this is my first time ever drawing the Mecha Dragon, but... it's not too bad, I guess. This story's gonna give me a lot of practice drawing that nuisance. I really need to start drawing more non-humanoid stuff.

... We all know Quick Man could run circles around that dragon if he was really running full tilt. *shifty eyes*
Sketchbook: The Many Faces Of...
I meant for my first "sketchbook" Interlude to be something older, but I felt I had to address the numerous inconsistencies with how I draw Gemini Man in this comic. I've been drawing him like this (or even closer to the official art) for quite some time now, so his former look was starting to feel unnatural.

Gemini Man's probably going to look something more like this in future appearances. And... I guess I couldn't help but give his various aspects one final farewell.

Stay tuned. Story 2 and our regular (attempted) schedule begins tomorrow!
Corrupted Files 1 and 2
When I said the Interludes could include me just messing around, this is what I meant. Double-update today with two pages of Corrupted Files.

The Corrupted Files are panels taken straight from the comic with the dialogue (hopefully humorously) changed. It could fit in the context of the original (like the one on top of this page), or it could just be totally random. You can expect a set for every story in each batch of Interludes.
Story 1 Epilogue
Allow me to introduce... the Interludes.

It's a small handful of material to go between stories. It could be anything, from story-related shorts like this one to sketches to me just messing around. There will be a few pages (probably no more than five) released fairly rapid-fire, then we'll move on to the next story.


Foreshadowing... Oooooo... *waggles fingers*

Alright... I went and impressed myself with this one. To date, these have to be the best pictures of Wily and Bass I've ever drawn -- definitely a marked improvement over that goofy Valentine's Day comic from two years ago featuring them, though it's pretty obvious I'm dodging drawing anything below Wily's mustache.

Originally, the final panel was going to have Treble in it, thus the extra space, but I just couldn't get him to look right, so he didn't make it in. *shrugs*