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I like...
Advance wars
Kingdom Hearts
Battalion Wars
and much more...
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Oh wow, naked people. D :
Dropping a book on their desk always wakes them up. : D
I like nether of them. They are just recolors which is kind of a turn off for me. Try rethinking the color of the character himself, hes blinding the kids! D :

Also think up a good color scheme for the clothes that goes well with a non blinding color for him.
Girls do play Video games. Its just funny watching them mess up : 3
This is a place for comics. >_>

If you want to show your work of spriting my I suggest you posting them in the forums?
Reminds me of Harry Potter for some odd reason...
That looks nice. He doesn't seem like a demon in that form though (demons are tricky) but its very nice!
Interesting. At first I thought the comic was going to have anthros but I thought wrong. ^ ^ Ah well great comic : 3
Interesting. I see a flashback coming~
It looks good but whats the plot? But what baffles me is the that a guy or a girl? X_X
The old Giant fist socks you in the jaw attack.
Im going out on a limb but your comic is somehow in the Naruto universe right?
Seems like a good beginning.
In the third panel. I thought it was some random dialog that the Caterpie was saying.

God I'm a idiot!
Nice comics. Also this is Arroyo from MG btw.
That plan is GENIUS! : DDDD
November 25th, 2007
Awesome. But what happened to her shirt. : P