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Hello! Name's Michi. I'm gender-fluid, and I'll go by just about any pronouns, but you can stick to "they" if you want.
I love LGBTQA+ comics and characters. I've got a soft spot for romance, but I adore a good supernatural or slice-of-life comic.
I'm working on an idea for a comic of my own at the moment. Maybe sometime in the next year I'll get it from the drawing board onto paper. c:
This is the place I wasn't expecting gay.
But here it is.
My life is complete now.
Technically, the original definition of Lip Service actually had a lot more to do with flattery than anything else. If I'm not mistaken, it usually means flattery without truth or honesty behind it. It's just lip service, they just want something from you.
.... Hearing that it's also a slang term for lady face sex is pretty funny. XD
Harold is SO checking out FemAssistant's chest in the last panel there.
... did.... did Wallace pull Mr. Monocle out of his ass?