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I and my colleagues built the city under your bed. Also, we enjoy reading your comics.
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@HiWayXingFrog: Lol, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Holy shit!- My first reaction to this page, lmao. I agree with @Rospez tho---don't do it boi!
It looks awesome dude.
Quick question -

Will the book only be up to chapter 7, or are you guys going to finish chapter 8 before its release and put it in there too?
This reminds me of that moment in the Parent Trap--only no screaming, heh.
The bond is strong with these two....
Cypress, eh? Cool name.

Also, I really like their noses. ^w^
Is that her and her sibling + parents or her cousins? I'm thinking it's the former but idk.
This is so great. I swear, this'll keep me smiling all week. Thank you, thank you, for this pot of pure awesomeness.
Haha, I've finally caught up with your amazing comic!

Er...yeah, just starting reading your comic a few days ago when I saw it on an ad while reading another webcomic, and I have to say: You're so talented, my dude! Your art is amazing, your characters are extremely likable, and your alt text is pretty funny, too.

I suppose the only thing I regret is finding your comic so late :/ But, finding such a great read is enough to quench even that, haha.