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i just finished college and looking for ways to publish and syndicate my comic strip :) i'm interested in art and graphic design. and have dreams in becoming a cartoonist and art director.
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hahha, he's going to be due in 9 months
colors are darker than normal, but i still LOVE it!
the creative process WINS yet again!
Death, had it coming....
HAHAHHAH........ i love it... its very creative and FUNNY... the dumb bunnies had it coming!
hehehe....entertaining :)
i like the new transparent thought bubbles.... :D
:) wow theyre in daylight.... hehhehe.... u can have a comic with that boy in a fratenity... and that death guy will hit him with a fratenity paddle :)
this isnt my best work. the girl character looks funny...hahah tell me what you guys think... and about the color
March 24th, 2006
hello :)
hey everyone, so im changing my strips to color, altough i like time in BW too! but tell me what you guys think... i would love your opinion. to see these color sripts in bw you guys can go to this site.

go to "from the files" pick the strip you would like to see and then scroll down and go to the link "<<<black white edition>>>"
i bet he's thinking that she is awfully limber!
nice playful characters, if i have to be one of these characters, i would be the one holding the popcorn :)
hahaha.... is like a homor simpson moment.... i see ur getting use to using the computer for text.. i like it :)
thats for the comments everyone :)
haha, im dont like to tan, so i didnt get it at first, but now i do :) hahah... he does look a little pale...
hahaha..... yeah i changed my system of numbering my strips, what do u think of the color? u guys dont like the color? tell me what u think? i had to change the look of the girl a little bit, so i could have my strip in color...
LOL, hahaha thanks for the SP/grammer error! :)
its like playing the video game :)
i love your illustrations, and jokes...hehehehhe
nice illustrations. youre very talented. oh yea, that's a whole lot of boob action in the last scene.