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buttsmex plz?
it is quite interesting to read =3
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September 20th, 2009
looool, his name is tatakae? Doesn't that mean 'fight'? xDDDD
Ah, my goddd...
...Most DEFINITELY need to keep watching this one |D
8D kick-ass old man x3
So amazing... 8D
xD aww, that poor lady's so shaken up, haha.
xD this could so totally be misinterpreted by Persephone that he really has a thing for pomegranates, and even if he loves her and takes care of her, GTFO THEYRE MINE! xD
;o; oh, no!
This is such a great comic... :lovelovelove:
i applaud your use of facecrotch. You have made my night. Thank you.
June 12th, 2008
;o; the end? really? I liked this one... I wish I'd been able to read it earlier... it has so much potential to go on, but I won't force you to.

It's wonderful!
This has got to be one of the most adorable comics I've seen in a long time <3
Love the quirky style~ keep it up!
OMFG >w<
I love your little Link; he's so adorable <3
aww, man, last time I read this, it was back at the island arc...
man, I totally forgot about this <3
I loved this comic <333
so adorable <3
aww, poor Nami... did she get attacked? xDDD
Anyways, great art with a ton of potential! Can't wait to read more <3
Ah~ he's such a bad stalker if he didn't know Charlie was a model xD
haha, I l ike this comic.
poor charlie...
but goodness, gracious, he has a lot of cats xD
Haha, that name cracks me up--cause isn't pho, like, noodle soup? xD makes sense he's a chef.

ah~ and a stalker... this is turning out to be an interesting comic, and it's only the first page <3
Praise the lord
You're back!
We missed you and your cute little comic ;^;