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RIP Movetrick/Rattata

Lvl 3-13

Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

My first capture ... you will be missed.

Reader Question: What's the toughest rival battle? This one, without a doubt, goes to Brendan/May after Slateport City.
I did some research, and Nidorino learns Double Kick (Fighting Type) at level 50.

Go grind!!
Finally! Exams finished!

Anyways, we take down Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well, and we encounter ???.

Reader Question: What's your favorite evil team? Honestly, I like all of them except Team Flare. For some reason, I hate Lysandre. Also, did you know every other evil team except Flare spells GRAMPS? This means Professor Oak is the head of evil!

Galactic, Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma, Skull.
Silly Misaki! I have a Quilava now!
But if there's a power outage... How is Ichigo able to watch TV?
@TheJGamer: Hahahaha

Since I picked Totodile and Bayleef for the questions, you can probably guess what my favorite final stage Johto starter is.
Again, I apologize for lack of comics. Final exams will wrap up this week.

Anyways, we finally evolve our starter and make it to Azalea Town! But who's that guy next to the well?

Reader Question: What's your favorite second-stage Johto starter? Bayleef was really caring and nice in the anime, so I'll go with her.

Edit: I just realized today is the one month anniversary of CC!
Still wondering what happened to Cheren's Pignite. :(
@TheJGamer: Wow, I just read the comics. They're really good.
Woohoo! 2 comics in one day! And 6 bird puns!

Reader question: What's your favorite first gym leader? I like Cheren cause of his history in BW.
@TheJGamer: Yeah, the Lurantis trial was hard, mostly because I picked Popplio and my Trumbeak was underleveled.
@Ian Evans: Sorry, I may seem like an idiot for asking this, but what's hard mode?
Sorry for not updating in a while. School overflowed me with work. Anyways, this is basically a filler before Falkner, who's in the next comic.

Reader Question: What's your favorite grass type? I love Venusaur. It's my favorite Kanto starter and always will be.
Okay, some more questions

To all Pokemon; What's a move you can't learn that you want to learn? Describe your trainer in one word.

Ichigo; Would you like to have your name changed back?

Shinzo; Have you heard of the fairy type?

Ketsuo; What's your opinion of Fart's Wartortle?

Kusanagi; Que te gusta comer? (Hooray for Google Translate)
That's right, A FRICKIN DUNSPARCE!. 1% encounter rate in the Dark Cave. I can't wait to use it!

Reader Question: What do you think is the most underrated Pokemon? I think it's Roserade. I've used it once in Sinnoh where I didn't pick Turtwig. It's really useful.
@TheJGamer: Garchomp is my favorite pseudolegendary. it's probably in my top 10.
See if you can guess the Dark Cave Pokemon in the last panel
*Suspense* See if you can guess what's the Pokemon in the last panel! Also, the random generator didn't give me Nightwing. Crobat is my favorite Pokemon ever! I name all my Zubats after my good ol Nightwing, so this is the only exception to the naming rule.

Reader Question: What's your most favorite Pokemon?
Seriously, this is the most boring part of the game. Everyone talks talks talks! I must have pressed the A button a zillion times in a row when I played this.

Reader question: What's your favorite rival from the games? Mine is Silver. Every rival after him is technically a friend, and he actually committed a crime. Although his name was cleared.
First pun of the comic! The old guy in the game actually made that pun by the way. I found it hilarious.

One thing I'd like to try to do every comic is ask a question to readers in the comments.

Reader Question: What's your favorite Johto starter? By this, I mean the basic forms and not their evolution's. I'll cover those in later comics. Mine is Totodile. It's cute and powerful!