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I did some research, and Nidorino learns Double Kick (Fighting Type) at level 50.

Go grind!!
Silly Misaki! I have a Quilava now!
But if there's a power outage... How is Ichigo able to watch TV?
Still wondering what happened to Cheren's Pignite. :(
@TheJGamer: Wow, I just read the comics. They're really good.
@Ian Evans: Sorry, I may seem like an idiot for asking this, but what's hard mode?
Okay, some more questions

To all Pokemon; What's a move you can't learn that you want to learn? Describe your trainer in one word.

Ichigo; Would you like to have your name changed back?

Shinzo; Have you heard of the fairy type?

Ketsuo; What's your opinion of Fart's Wartortle?

Kusanagi; Que te gusta comer? (Hooray for Google Translate)
1. The real life JGamer; What made you decide to do a nuzlocke?
2. The JGamer; How does it feel to have the wall of text butting in your adventure?
3. Farts; Why did your parents name you Farts?
4. Ketsuo; Did you know that when you evolve, you will turn into a super cool fire dragon?
5. Midori's ghost; What does death feel like?
6. Tsubaba; How did you learn psychic powers?
7. Ikari; Is the box comfy? Do you remember what the outside world looks like?
9. Misaki; Do you still hate your master? plz dont kill me
10. Shinzo; Are you still lvl 6?
11. DUX; How does it feel to be an HM slave?
12. Kusanagi; Why haven't you evolved with a moon stone from Mt Moon?