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Use to go by Moonskilled then went by Moon Light Madness but now it's MLM. Yay!
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It's finally here! Thank GOD!

To kick things off, my favorite summer song:

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Sorry I update and go ghost for a month or so. Exams suck :/. BUT,summer's right around the corner which mean I'll be able to keep a consistent schedule! Yay!
You know that moment when you say/read a word more than once and then said word sounds weird to you?

I'm having that moment with shore.
New layout's nice!
Okay I'm back for real this time. School really hit me hard. But everything's good now. During that time of I noticed Rowdy was basically a background character so I re-wrote somethings and now he isn't such a background character going forward.

Also, I'm thinking of moving updates to Saturday. Just something I'm considering. But yay! We're back! (For real!)