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I'm a Genderfluid Artist in Sacramento.

Currently self-taught and learning comic-making every page of the way.
My interests include dream travel, video games, and anime of all sorts.
Oh... and Pastels. I love Pastels.
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    James Berri
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Thanks for Reading !!!

This is scheduled while I work for like 12 hours. Wish me luck y'all.
Thanks for reading!
Page 2 of a 2 page update!

I got depressed recently and realized-- you know... I can't keep goin back and tweaking pages all the time.

I've had this comic going off n on for 2 years now and keep stopping when i feel like my start stinks. So I'm just gonna keep going and maybe... maybe when I'm really deep in, I'll redraw them.

But right now I need to stop sulking... and start drawing!
1 of 2 Page update !

Hey all!
Finally! A New Page!

Fun Fact: Did you know that every page before 18 was made back in April 2017?
This is the first page with multiple panels done almost 9 months after! Wow!
Your story telling so far has me absolutely hooked! This is an interesting twist and your expressions are f a b u l o u s !