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I'm 16, female, english. I'm in college studying film, biology, psychology and history and I'm hoping to be a councellor when I'm older.
Drawing's a huge hobby of mine and I've been drawing since I can remember (though not well).
If you do fave my comic I'll be sure to check out your comic(s) and possibly fave them too :) (It's only fair) I'll also be very happy XD
Do give me any constructive critisisms you can think of, as I love being able to improve and make my art much better, so my comics are more readable!
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Epic, you draw hair very nicely, it's getting better the more you draw.
Very awesome :) Well done!
Awww ;__; sad its over! It was epic!!
Aww touching :)
Sarah's so sinister :<
Why wont he? :o
Very nice! Faved it!
haha awesome! its cool!
Haha I didnt notice either XD
He's dead? :o
There's a foot :o
yay holidays!!
Haha yay! XD Bet everyone (including me) thought it was a guy!
Looks it! Very nice :D
Very nice! ^^
Yeah =_= gotta hate exams!! Glad youre gonna be on holiday soon!
Creepy stalker Sarah o_o I like the way the guy goes "I see" to that XD
Yay! Aw poor Sarah :<
Yay! Glad it's back :D Nice page! ^^
Yeah I get the whole exam thing =_= they get in the way of fun!
He's talking to the bird XD Nice!!
He's gonna poke yoooou o_o