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June 11th, 2012
My God I get a hand cramp just looking at it >~<
*sigh* I used to be that lucky. :c
for a second there I was like wait, how long have they been fighting, but don't worry I remembered them. X3
did he just knock over a lamp penguin
now time to go kick some dragon balls X3 *shot*
whoooo Dr.Who rocks X3
whooo color X3
lol red has man boobs XD...yes i am that childish >3>
BELIEVE IT hahaha you know it was coming XD
I'd catch that beedrill hahah ~gets shot~ XP
no real purpose i was bored...and we really need to bring this thing back to life -_-;
noooo not the eggplant suit
good luck
i hope you get published
xin's brain exploded from cuteness overload 0-0;
what can i say i like drama...and hiting teara in the head >3>
lazy drawn drunk chibi's
from left to right
Xinny, Sunny, Alwyn, Liros, Teara, Joanne, and Leon
yay ppl are updating it's a Christmas miracle XD
HAPPY HOLIDAYS I hope yours is awsome
The last panel has nothing to do with anything I just wanted to draw the bubbles I swear >3<

Edit: two things are happening at once every other panel except the last two
ha poor innocent bystander