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Tsuyoi Nashiki
Pen Name: Tsuyoi Nashiki
Nicknames: B-chan, Ko, Noodles (and more <3)
Age: 16
Birthday: December 26

I like a range of anything cute to anything gory. I dislike yaoi and yuri so I wish not to see any yaoi/yuri fanart of my characters. (=__= Not that I can stop you...)

I will most likely update only on weekends but :< I might on hiatus a couple times because of school work or I'm still planning out the chapter. (Please shoot me if I forget to come back! DX)

:> And that's about it!
Dang it Soren!! @A@ I stop by here to read all the updates and I'm hooked again!

*waits for more*
I finally get around to reading this and.. and ;__; I'm hooked.
D: That's exactly what happened to my baby Tokala!!!

;A; You could contacted me
my dad figured out a way to save the memory so I could back up the files for the new hard drive
:> I really really enjoyed reading this manga! >_< I'm sad to see it go

But you did a great job Natusmi-chan! A really great job!
Moar to come?! Thank goodness!! @___@ I didn't want it to stop here lol
Aww, okay ^^

Tsu-chan can wait.
Q____Q Nooooo!! Plusum's bad guy?! No! How could you, Natsumi?! How could you?! T^T He was my favorite!
D: OMG! It's happening to Koii now! lol
D: Don't worry Liza!! Pretend to be cripple!! They couldn't possibly hurt a cripple...

*looks at kitty*

...Then again...
D: Get in the dang classroom new student-boy-guy-thing!!

*throws pebbles at him* ^^
*____* I like this page very much! Go Plusum!! Wooooooooo!
o.o Ooh... Miki's sitting next to that new guy now...

^^ I wonder what kind of conflict will happen this time!! Heehee!
Q__Q Awwww.... Poor Ren....
Q___Q I just spent the last hour and a half reading this! This is truely a good series!!

QAQ Now I'm upset because I want to read more and I just got to the newest page!!

*sits in room and waits* T^T
O________O Oh the hotness... *glues eyes to screen*
:D Luffs for you Koii!! I'm proud to be your fan!!
*o* So cute! Is that her school uniform?!