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Cheers Daishadar
:) Horses tend to act up in my comics for two reasons: 1) disproving the horse-as-vegetable trope 2) I am a bit scared of horses and I hate riding them
Horse archery was super popular in this period so you'd probably need a reliable horse.
@daidaishar: Thanks. Water is a bit of a pain though!
@daidaishar: Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it.
This page was a late addition to the chapter. Genza is still pretty angry about his exile. So I thought he should be a little bit more conflicted about saving the Emperor.
I don't have much to say about this page. I guess that means it's successful?
This was a comic page, but my beta reader thought I had too many pages of scenery, and it makes quite a nice cover.
The bandit chieftain has such a large beard because I wanted to make his character design distinctive, but also because he's part Emishi, a northern tribe related to the Ainu. The Emishi were conquered or displaced from the northern Japanese provinces a couple of centuries before this story takes place. This gave northern Japanese clans a lot of military experience, which they continued to develop by fighting each other once the Emishi were defeated.
Shoutout: the swordsman in the second panel is based on Sanjuro from the jidaigeki film Yojimbo. It's a great film and you should watch it
Bandit attack! I was watching the name version of Ronja the Robber's Daughter: the bandits are a deconstruction of the Mattis and Borca robber bands, who never seem to hurt anyone apart from occasionally each other. In real life this was likely not the case.
The ominous birds return! Not that anyone wasn't expecting this...
Where did they get all those logs in such a short space of time? They broke up the old wagon and used that for kindling.
Is Genza deliberately antagonising Masahiro or is he seriously concerned about doing the right thing? Probably a bit of both: the majority of people in this period weren't cremated.
One of the reasons I like my chosen colour scheme is that it allows me to show three different skin tones in a very limited colour palette. Most of the guys here spend quite a bit of time outside.
Anachronistically badass sword pose!
Second pinup: Juro and Eiji training. I promise I'll introduce these guys soon.
I looked at photos of battlefields for reference until I started having bad dreams about them, so for this page I used the third Rurouni Kenshin film: The Legend Ends.
I try to finish as many pages on cliffhangers as possible.
Thanks to Blambot for the fonts in this comic:
The top panel was inspired by a scene from the Ghibli film Totoro, but this tree is much less impressive.
The houses in the top panel are examples of ancient Japanese pit houses. They're probably a bit too large. The seal in the bottom panel is anachronistic but I wanted something physical as most of these guys probably can't read.