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I hope this all makes sense. I struggled so much with this chapter.
Um- it means they are praying I guess? Need to work on my speech bubbles. Do you think it would be best removed?
Merry Christmas! I hope you had a good time and a chance to relax. Glad that you enjoyed the quiz :)
Only one greatest regret per customer! Sorry! 😬
CMerry Christmas everyone, to everyone who has commented this year, to the good folks in the Spiderforest Collective, and to the silent majority who make up most of my readers. I hope you have a happy and productive 2019 and may all your creative projects go well!
Explanatory note=artwork fail
Character assassination and a little light poisoning was as far as most Heian aristocrats were prepared to go. Ugh, violence.Icky.
@artofjoe: "Hick chibi Juro" seems to be a fan fave...
@artofjoe: Would definitely recommend!Don't go into it expecting an action/adventure story though...
@cornchipwarrior: Nope, this is Sunday Comics by the wonderful Blambot. My handwriting is terrible!
We're about 2/3 of the way through, so the plot is nearing it's climactic point. The next chapter's the crucial moment! Will our heroes succeed?!
People carried paper and other items in the sewn-together ends of their sleeves. Netsuke wouldn't be invented for another 500 or so years, so you wouldn't see the little lacquered purse boxes popular during the Edo period.
Inflation was a big problem, so clothing or rice was often used instead of cash. I guess that would have been harder to steal. And yep, i'm pretty sure there were still pickpockets
There are two ladies in pink kimonos. Pink-and-white is is Shoshi. She's the less-mean of the pair.
Neither of these romantic rivals are particularly good examples of Heian -era attractiveness. Heian men were supposed to be pale and plump, because as we know, standards of beauty don't change.
You can see a picture of Prince Genji, the ideal man of his time, here:
For a bonus, you can also see the Heian ideal of female beauty, a pile of gorgeous fabric with a lot of hair coming out the top.
The lady in the pink kimono is based on Sei Shonagon, whose poetic, opinionated, and bitchy diary is still in print today. For an introduction to Sei, I recommend
The heroes finally face their great challenge. Will they succeed? Find out in the next chapter!
Quite pleased with this page
Too much foreshadowing?