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The "Red!" "Black!" guys are still going...
That's why I skimped on the background detail :)
This page was a late addition suggested by my proofreader, who thought the transition between the two pages was jarring.
Getting into drawing these character. No doubt I'll become perfect as the comic ends.
Not too happy with this page but the "sploosh" works.
With thanks to Hokusai, who said that nothing he painted before the age of 70 was worth noticing.( ist-late-blossoming-great-wave-mount-fuji)
And now we are on chapter 6. Originally this was way over half way through but my schedule's slipped since the original planning stage :I
@artofjoe: Thanks for your submission :)
Here ends the first April Fanworks Month! I'm thinking of making it a yearly event so if anyone would like to take part message me.
@artofjoe: Juro and Eiji are first or second cousins and grew up together. They have the same surname as they're part of the same clan/extended family.
@Spirit of Water: I was going to have the duck eaten by a pike, but that would have been mean.
Nice picture of the Itsukushima shrine gate fromThe Pyschodyssey. Thanks!
Who's guessing how this turns out???
"A Quiet Conversation" by Kate, which sums up Genza's opinion of Juro nicely.
"Some People Who Occasionally Fight Ghosts" by artofjoe of the SmackJeeves comic Charming
Also, a great band name.
A three sentence fan fiction by Kate inspired by the last chapter of the "Tale of Genji"
Today's fan art is "Back Away From My Dad" by artofjoe of the SmackJeeves comic Charming
Today's fanwork is a three sentence fan fiction by Kate, inspired by Sei Shonagon's "Pillow Book"
I decided to have the month off in April to work on the "Rogue" anthology for Spiderforest and build up my archive, so here's nearly a month of fan art! The first is "Masako" by Sophie Pfrötzschner of the wonderful Soul's Journey