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Can't decide whether I like or hate this cover. Redrew it four times.Gotta love the fluorescent pink shading though!
You're right. I don't think they could have talked their way out of this one though.
This page lends itself to recaptioning. See the "Extras" page for an alternative version.
Modern Buddhist monks generally don't eat meat and Japanese temples can be famous for their vegetarian cuisine. In 11th century Japan this taboo likely extended to touching animal products or blood. Juro is a soldier so naturally much less squeamish.
The straw hat in panel 3 is probably anachronistic. I couldn't resist putting it in because it reminded me so much of Jayne's hat from Firefly.
The Satake clan dates to the 11th century and was a warrior clan known in later years for their proficiency with firearms. They were relieved of their title in the 1800s when the feudal system was abolished but descendants of the family still exist today.
This type of armour, called oyoroi, was popular between the 10th and 15th century. It's heavy, a whole suit of armour would probably weigh as much as a small child. This is because it's designed for horse archery and spear fighting. This design is taken from a model at the Costume Museum in Kyoto. It's probably too expensive for these guys, but it's a good way of making them stand out from the rest of the group.
Cheers Daishadar
:) Horses tend to act up in my comics for two reasons: 1) disproving the horse-as-vegetable trope 2) I am a bit scared of horses and I hate riding them
Horse archery was super popular in this period so you'd probably need a reliable horse.
@daidaishar: Thanks. Water is a bit of a pain though!
@daidaishar: Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Inspired by the Hokusai Manga :)
This page was a late addition to the chapter. Genza is still pretty angry about his exile. So I thought he should be a little bit more conflicted about saving the Emperor.
I don't have much to say about this page. I guess that means it's successful?
This was a comic page, but my beta reader thought I had too many pages of scenery, and it makes quite a nice cover.
I took many stupid looking reference photos for this page. Originally the pose was much more badass, but this is probably the first time Masako has picked up a sword and she doesn't know what she's doing.
There are probably many mistakes in the armour here but it's as accurate as I can get it. I can't find out what the large circular weights hung from the belts are for. These guys are wearing tachi swords which are tied to the belt rather than stuck through the sash like a katana, so maybe it's to centre the weight on the hip?
If anyone happened to be worried about the ox pulling the cart while all this was going on, it's all right!The ox survives. Here it is happily eating some grass in Panel 2.
I'm not sure whether there should be this much blood when someone's hit by an arrow (the arrow itself apparently plugs the wound), but the red looks effective, so I'm leaving it in.
I watched security footage of fights before I drew this page. It wasn't fun research and I don't think it paid off.
This page is an example of how the colour red is saved for Serious Stuff.