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Hi I'm ExoPanther, If your wondering what happened to my first account I messed it up....

If there's news on my comic, Storm (me as a jolteon) will let you know. (But Stormwind is a male)
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Great comic! This actually made me get back to my own Pokemon Uranium game!
Also for Pokemon you can ask for it to be shiny, have add on features and more!

For animals I will try to draw humans, and animals like how they look in real life.
Hey! I need your suggestions, ask me to make any Pokemon or animal by commenting what you would like to see. Thanks!
If you can't read my horrible handwriting, (which I won't blame you if you can't) it says for his features:

Leafeon Ears (on top of his ears)
Glaceon Gem (on coat)
Umbreon Ring (tail)
Espeon Ears (Mini) (under his ears)
Flareon Symbol (below left eye)
Jolteon Mane (its yellow)
Vaporeon Tail (fins sticking from his tail)
Sylveon Ribbons (two ribbons)

*Added symbols like stones, rocks, sun and moon*

Sorry that some of the features are so tiny...
This is not mine, my friend made it herself. Credit to her!
My eyes must be tricking me, that can't be a jolteon on the cover... But I hope it is
It took pikachu a couple of scenes to spot eevee, but it was too late.
The way Milo changed, I like it
This turned out to be a cat fight...

But both of them aren't cats
Avis just looks at the axew with the bandit mask...
Sweet Dreams....
The arms have transformed!
Oh no...
Pig lives in Bedroom, Okay....
In the last panel, Miku's wing kinda looks like a arm

This comic is great too!