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Manga, anime, drawing, music and skating are just a few of my hobbies... o__0
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.I hope you decide to keep this comic going because it's really fun and looks all the better with the new art. I really like it!
Well, I was going to say most of what you just said.:)) I agree with Maria though. You should keep this up for more than just a few pages, you'll get the old readers back and some new ones as extra.:D
The first panel cracked me up. Dramatic fan.:))
Clara is still dramatic. I like the deck of cards panels, much better than the first version. I did like the colors in the other one though.
Yes! I'd love a reboot of this comic!
Aaaaand.... POOF! He falls into a cake!
I suppose this is one way to reinvent them. I keep looking but yeah... I agree with Nodzia above... kinda creepy looking twin pot. I do like how you made one head speak in bold to differentiate between them.

Also... how do you get down from there? Obviously you're going to fly. Duh!:)
Wish granted!!!:)
I wanna see them in all their splendor!!!
Is Cat the one on the right and Hat the one on the left? Cuz the taller guy has those teeth marks over his mouth just like Hat.
=)))Can't stop laughing!
*Candies (probably from pedobear)* =))))
A short person speaking now
@NinuNinu: Minty isn't short! Everybody else is just freaking tall!
@queensilian: I agree with you.
Do you think if enough people say this, he'll do it?:))
What you said makes a lot more sense than a lot of the books I've read with vampires as main characters. It still seems ironic to have a chance at immortality but get cancer and die.
And my first language is Romanian, which is probably why the translation is funny (a lot of translations from one language to Romanian get so twisted you can't stop laughing).
Actually, in Google Translator, from French to English it says what you said. However, from French to my language it says something like: "it can rest in peace because of spirits" (the liquid sort).
That aside, I love your comic. I recently found it and started to read it (just got to the last page a few days ago).
You say vampires die because of cancer? For argument's sake though, isn't that impossible for a vampire who is supposed to heal any kind of injury? Shouldn't the vampire be able to heal the cancer cells as well?
=)))))Oh, God! I can't stop laughing! This is totally the way I pictured them! The bored look on Gin's face and the crazy/fun seeking look in Mint's eyes!=))))) Amazing!=))
pole dancer=)))) lmfao. I could however see Gin made a pole dancer by Mint.:)))
Aww, Mint looks so cute in his Mickey Mouse pants and hat! A tail too. First I thought he was dressed as a devil then I noticed the pants and ear-hat.:))
Mint's thoughts in the last panel: Dance for me SLAVE!!!:D

A question now: Does Gin help you with your job? And what IS your job?:)
@whowantscookies: I think he would look better cosplaying Captain Hook and Gin cosplaying Peter Pan. I kinda see Mint as a pirate.
Such pretty hair!!! He does look a bit evil though! Looks like he has a whistle(?), so he's using it to chase Mint around and make him do stuff?

Also, does he have a friend named Zwei (a less evil twin maybe)?
Ah... I thought I was the only one who got kicked out.:))
Also: love the troll hat and the shirt!