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I'm MrJonesSoda in disguise 8D *shot*
So how about that reboot that died really fast
Yeah I'm posting my Maurice art again because I feel like it and it's technically still relevant... that reboot I tried for didn't last very long haha!! Honestly most of us didn't really have the time and my problem was just that I wasn't drawing nearly enough...

Either way though I'm still working with Maurice on my own regardless of him being part of GoreHounds or not... he's still my OC and he's just as active as ever~ <3
Who even is still fans of this comic
Who even has a SmackJeeves account anymore that still is a fan of this.....

OH WELL I was rereading this comic of mine and I just had this giant nostalgia attack!!! It hit so hard I had to redraw my old characters and I even had to redraw a page of this comic. Like, full out tone it and everything to show how much I've improved.

I was even thinking of redrawing the whole first part, but who honestly would read it now haha this site is dead. I don't know what do you think!!!
Someone else posted it's a miracle! ;A;
Uwahh I'm excited! <3 I quite like the darkness actually. And the fact you did lineless colouring~ The blood looks fine!
December 12th, 2010
You guys need to start posting more
I can't be the only one that contributes. :C

But anyways here's Gian and Maurice! <3 I know it's a month-late, but happy birthday Ninj~ ;u;
Ahh, a piece of art! I wanted to draw one of the new characters, and I chose Andy because she's a girrlll and Maurice likes to mutilate girls. =w=

I'm very proud of how the intestines turned out~
-Even during the week alone before his grandparents took him, he still took the bus to school.
-He went to school until he was 17. He dropped out when he moved back into his trailer.
Finally got the second page out
sorry if the first panel is a bit messy. It didn't really turn out how I wanted it to.

Ah well, lotsa text, backstory woo-hoo!

I...... might draw a third page. There really isn't much more after this though.
Ahh, a female character! She's very pretty indeed, she has a very interesting backstory~
Aww, he's so cute! Too bad he'll be mutilated cause this is a gore collab. xD

I like his different colour eyes~
October 27th, 2010
as;kldfa;s I'm so happy you made it, love~ <3
October 27th, 2010
Dood I love this hipster kid already.
Decided to create a short comic for Maurice's past
to enlighten people. Also for something to work on while we wait for author applications! <3

Wow this is the first actual comic page I have ever drawn for this collab.
October 9th, 2010
I think this is the first piece of the collab that actually shows explicit nudity.
Maurice again. Drew this a couple of months ago.
I'm not as boring as I sound, I swear.

October 7th, 2010
Wahh I like his redesign a lot *A* YOU JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER BBY~
Updated his sheet
Cause I changed a few things about him. His personality is a little different too, but he's still essentially the same character.
Collab between Ninjury and I
I drew the sketch and she coloured. Maurice, my character.

Hey guise I'm submitting this here
Cause uh
it's of Maurice. He's originally a character for this collab. And my other character, Cheyne.

I wonder how many people still follow this comic even though we've been inactive for like, a year.
Couldn't think of a title
HWWWIIIII ART! I love how this turned out. <3

That creepy character on the side? Her name is Weird, and she's one of my schoolfriend's characters. Thought I'd add her to spice things up. :>
maybe you do... have you ever seen your intestines?
I guess this can be a "Take Two," as like to call them, of the other Maurice picture I did.
Except this one doesn't have any blood. And it's with colored pencil.

Well, it was originally for art class. xD Theme of "color."