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Kyt Cordell
I'm a law student that likes to draw. I primarily do digital work. Other than art, I enjoy writing music, lifting, and playing video games when I have the time.
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@Sora_Hisui: His dad is kind of at the end of his rope. He's normally pretty even tempered.
@Huntik13: He got in some trouble with the cops. Teenage BS that got out of hand. You'll see.
@Sora_Hisui: LOL! Observe as it sulks in its natural habitat. It lacks the ability to operate motor vehicles so it relies on others for movement.
@Midwinter Hunt: Does she? I love Undyne but that never crossed my mind. And thank you!
@genii: Thank you! I'm glad :)
@genii: Thank you :D
@Frostwings: He's a quick one. Haha.
@Huntik13: It eats everything. >:)
@The Orange Cow: LOL right? XD
@Guest: Aren't they :D <3
@Huntik13: Oh god sorry thank you.
@Huntik13: Yeah, he's been a bad boy. XD
@Guest: Thank you! I'll post as often as I can.
@Huntik13: He clearly didn't get spanked enough as a kid, haha.
@Huntik13: Yep! These are two stories I have been wanting to tell forever.

Thank you! <3 Yeah, he's a cutie x3 Such a brat, though.