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Kyt Cordell
I'm a law student that likes to draw. I primarily do digital work. Other than art, I enjoy writing music, lifting, and playing video games when I have the time.
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@PaleSun: Thank you so much! I usually color in Clip Studio Paint, but I also do a lot of art in Photoshop.

I usually just use the airbrush tool in both, honestly. A lot of it just knowing how to blend and choose colors.
@Spoilergirl: He's having a dream based on the earlier dirty comics he and Jenna were reading. XD
@TheWolfHowlsAtTwilight: Yes.
@IronDog: Thanks! Haha, I'm glad you noticed it.
@Jeanettert: I wanted to keep a lot of the super strict boarding school culture. XD They're gonna have detention.

Or something like that. I'm actually in the process of redoing older pages.
@tksocrazy: No worries ^^ And yeah, she's got a bit of a femme fatale thing going.
@tksocrazy: She's definitely not flat chested, haha. Uniform blazers are just boxy and square people out.
@Huntik13: It's the cool kids illuminati that everyone ritzy school has.
@Huntik13: Not quite, but she does have a general appreciation for the female form. x3
@Huntik13: She tries her best.
@Aujash: He was just confused generally. He knew it wasn't a bible, but he also didn't realize it was a fake cover. So he's like ???
@Eyrist: He's a high school sophomore, which is referred to as fourth form in certain places.
@Scorpio730: Oh thank you! I actually used google sketch-up for references. I photobash images to make them look more painterly.