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Kyt Cordell
I'm a law student that likes to draw. I primarily do digital work. Other than art, I enjoy writing music, lifting, and playing video games when I have the time.
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@Huntik13: Yes, thank you for pointing that out. XD I am the worst about uploads.
I launched an independent website for this comic -->
I will be posting character information and other extras there.

Also, I would super appreciate anyone who is able to donate to my Patreon to help keep this comic going. Even if you can't, I really appreciate everyone who follows me. I enjoy reading your comments and knowing my work makes you happy.

I tend to update a bit more slowly on SmackJeeves due to the upload format. Follow my WebToons account for earlier postings: 788
@Huntik13: Thank you! I based it off of my independent website for this comic. I'll be linking it soon once I get all my pages uploaded there.

It took me a while to design/code. I'm excited ^_^
@Scorpio730: Hahaha, yeah. Yaoi tends to move FAST. I bill this as yaoi for marketing reasons but it's not about smut. There's story and build up.
@R.O.-bot: I'm glad ;3 stay tuned.
@Huntik13: I don't know why that keeps happening. I click upload and sometimes it does it twice. >:(
@IronDog: They probably did, and he just didn't really care. XD He's used to toeing the line to see what he can get away with.
@IronDog: Thank you <3 I try XD I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.
@Tatooine47: Indeed it is not. XD
@Hawkflame: What? IT HAS? :D I didn't even notice haha.
@Huntik13: Yeaaah XD Adrian also can't de-escalate things.
@WindowMaker: Yes, that keeps happening lately and I don't know why. I fixed it. Thank you <3
@Tatooine47: Haha, it's basically an "i'm in trouble" card.
@Huntik13: I don't know what's going on with my uploader. :/ It happened for both comics. Thank you for pointing it out.
Kyt Cordell
November 17th, 2017
@Huntik13: Thank you. I have got to stop doing this. LOL
@Huntik13: Yeah, his attitude does land him in some trouble. It's all good though--it gets reigned in for him.