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I am a Canadian who loves anime, magic the gathering and comics! so i made a comic about a girl who is a superhero trying to find her place, i draw, play video games and live as one big geek!
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    Aaron Pearson
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I think that Bastard face is someone who thinks the world is a sick animal and he probably thinks he is the vet to either get it back to health again, or put it out of it's misery. Either that or he just does it because he is bored and finds the trouble he causes fun.
Wonderful page. I love how you have the red behind Fleur and the blue emanating from Kate. Can other people see her eyes as all blue? and finally OH SNAP! Fleur got burned in the last panel :P

Keep up the awesome work :)
Lol Fleur's faces are absolutely priceless!
learn away! I like your style just fine!
Here is the newest and so far saddest comic. Yes the drama beings. This arc was originally going to be one comic.. But now it has been spread out to three because there is so much I need to tell everyone about NewGirl one comic won't cover it. So I hope you like it!
hehehe batman! five stars
nice first panel! very aggersive! five stars!
I love the pencil work better than colour personally, but the colour does make it bright and cool a well. i just updated on reading your comic and i still love it!
hmm... maybe i should have a what if guest comic about that... :P
amzing artwork and so funny too:P
April 24th, 2006
hehehe eek :P
just caught up with your comic it is so awesome! :P
very nice chapter art work o five here for you :P
April 11th, 2006
heheh such a silly mom. is she single?
Butters you comic is so good i love it! i gave you a high five. This is a very good comimc! :P
thank you! i hope you will keep on coming back. i have tons of ideas for it so this isnt going to die like those other comics out there.
i just love it! your faved!
im afraid... what are lolita outfits? *goes and searches google* oh!!! kinky! i like them too! :P
pretty cool. if i am correct you have it traditional japanee manga where it it right to left right? otherwise i be confizzed..0.o
five-a-roni with cheese pizza for the hilairiousness