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i'm lenny.
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July 18th, 2013
you guys did such a good job holy crap.
i'm so proud to have ever drawn with you guys
<3 hopefully i can make something as bad ass as this.
i love it when you draw her @w@
Quick sketch.
I really havent had time to make an actual comic page.
Ive only had two days off in the past two weeks.
So sue me.


I got a really cool necklace that is pretty much something that I really adore.
Its two trees on two seperate bands.
Im pretty much in love with it.
You can see it in here.

Also this is about how fragile my confidence has been lately.
Its been shooting up lately.
Probably because ive been loosing weight.
Im a bit of chubmeister.
But im still pretty damn cute.
Must say.

Gotta jet.
See you all lates.
played with earth tones a bit.

Yeah im actually wearing this.
And im kinda insecure about it.
Because these are the jeans i used to wear when i was fat.
I just cut them.
And now i feel like i look like a dyke?
But i dunno if i do.
It makes me feel more gay than i actually am. Which is pretty hard to do.

I feel so weird about this stuff.

I think it looks cute though..
i dunno
off i go to show public.
I drew this last night when little bitchy stoner kids left my house. I was super pissed at them, Lets put it that way.
And i had to stay up the whole night, and I had wanted someone to come over and help me stay up..but that really didnt work.

So i ended up breaking it and slept around 3:45.
And now its almost 1 pm. And i have no idea how im going to sleep the rest of the day.

The reason for switching my sleeping schedule up is because i have to work 3rd now.
So yeah.

This is probably the hardest thing to do, ever.
poetry by me.
no steals please.

i write when i get inspired.
and my life has been sucky lately so i kinda get inspired easily.
June 12th, 2010
more to come.
Im actually not this cute in real life. I promise.
lovin that crack <3
April 28th, 2010
this girl is adorable ._.
draw girls more often plz.
want your talents hardcore.
You are amazing. Do you have a dA or something?
We should so collab one timeeeeee. I love the way you draw D:
Ive always had a big thing for lips.
Since my own are pretty big.

:) Thanks.
Added tones...should i do that more often?
You make an spactacular Lupo. A very ADORABLE one at that.

I would play this game also. <3
yayayayayayayayayayayaya :)
Just Shoe.
I got bored. So I figured i'd do something nice.

Hmmm im so sleepy. Gonna do a another page before bed hopefully.

Except with out the drugs.
@flynfreako : Oh thank youuuuu

@ArtificialKilljoy : OH I KNOW RIGHT?