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It's the current year and I'm still making sprite comics...

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Yeah, I haven't seen any Mother backgrounds in a long time either. It was such a nice game too.
Sorry for the long hiatus everyone! Please forgive me! What happened unexpectedly was that I have been dealing with a sickness lately, and have been in and out of the hospital. I sadly was unable to work on the comic lately because I was at bed rest. Fortunately during the sick times, I have been able to think of new ways to handle this comic so expect more in the future.

The funny thing is, I actually finished the visuals of this issue earlier before, (months ago), however I was unable to complete until today due to my condition. Sorry guys...

On a side note, I don't know why ThatKirby hasn't uploaded any issues...probably just being lazy as usual. (Yet she wanted me to put her darn OC in the comic for so reason. Leaves me to do all the work again)

As stated again, I apologize.
And eggman gets away once again
@G.B.A: Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I noticed that the text seemed a little bit small, so I'll make sure its more visible before uploading. Thank you for the reminder!
Sorry for the late update
Sorry for the late upload fellows, (fellas?) finals have been killing me but starting next week I'm off the hook. I don't have a life like the last issue implied so expect weekly updates starting next week. A lot of planning is done with this comic, with ThatKirby making ideas and me coming up with the actual WORK- but, it's all good in the end.
Hi guys.
It's the first issue of "The Prodigy Named Sonic" aka "Prodigy Sonic". I know sprite comics are not being made as they used too like years ago, but I just wanted to relieve my memories of those past days. I plan on editing the comic's sites interface soon, so it will look more presentable, but for now, you guys are going to have to look at this plan looking site for now. Anywhoo... I hope you all enjoy!

Tools I use:
Photoshop cs6
Paint (lel)