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I live in Philippines in Region 4B.I loved reading comics,watching pokemon,listening to music and playing video games with stories like adventure and campaign.But I spend some of my time with everything I should do at home to help my parents and grandmother.

Beware of the Mirrored Image for it has something dark calling and stalkers hidden.The Aura of Light shall be your strength against the Trouble in the Midst.Join the Uprising to liberate The Forgotten Lands.And let the Bridge of Inventions prevail.
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    Darvin Gerald Briones Halili
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Heyyy,that zoroark looks familiar.
Wait,there really was a dusk lycanroc?!
Took me hours to catch up to this.This will be good.I hope the pidgey would never turn to a zombie.
Now I get it.They're gijinkas
Too bad Mytew wasn't Fluttershy.
@john: Try Angel of Darkness,maybe that one will work out,too.
Whenever I take a look at space and sees stuffs like the gas clouds from space,it feels creepy to me like something else is watching me out there.It's not God nor the angels are creeping me out but something else.And whenever I take a look at those gaseous clouds I feel like I can almost explain how everything was formed but I can't.Feels like I should just let it be.
Woooh! It's Eid Al Fitr day! Yay! It's holiday in the Philippines(^_^) *derp*
Too bad this isn't resident evil.T_T
Seems like I wanted to see baby Leon nibble at something,maybe he will look cuter.
@Sakarime: If you think that the Garchomp is painful to draw then it will be more painful to draw Arceus.
At least she knows how to use mega punch.
If it was fun,it's one of the best things you'd get.Even better it could decrease your depressions.It's okay to go with your relatives as long as it could occupy you out of depressions.
Would've been worse if they brought a lot of explosives and used it.
Best to stay positive most of the time.
@venami: Yep,that goes out too.
@Neolancer: O.O Forgot about that.