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I live in Philippines in Region 4B.I loved reading comics,watching pokemon,listening to music and playing video games with stories like adventure and campaign.But I spend some of my time with everything I should do at home to help my parents and grandmother.

Beware of the Mirrored Image for it has something dark calling and stalkers hidden.The Aura of Light shall be your strength against the Trouble in the Midst.Join the Uprising to liberate The Forgotten Lands.And let the Bridge of Inventions prevail.

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    Darvin Gerald Briones Halili
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You know for someone holding a secret of coloring a panel on one of the pages, you are quite bad at it since it is not a secret until another page is added. Sorry.
Ooh thought they dead yet they not.
He'll be pushed out of the bed because that is the obvious thing she'll do.
@Ikualokatl: Well you can tell that to me either because I tend to get pushy when it comes to other's problems asking what is wrong nowadays.
Anyone up to kill a toxic frog pokemon cause I do.
Ehhhhhh?! Her mother used to be an eevee when she found Rye. Not being illogical here, I know that Sylveon starts from eevee before turning into one but being a mother as an eevee for a riolu just makes me feel confused.
I kind of like the way she inspects the badge like a curious cat looking for a source except she is one of them.
Well for bullying, that is going too far.

Edit: I hope that the Espeon would notice that and read their minds.
Cute Myu on first panel, poor Myu on the 6th panel.
Option 3. But don't kill her yet. We still want to embarrass her a bit more. And help her on her way too and soothe her.
Loving her reaction at the first panel.
@Silver Eevee: Wait Lotus is a girl?
Surprise motherf@$#!r
@Silver Eevee: Oh don't worry, Lotus won't be hurt by Yveltal, Yveltal will kill him.
hahaha! I know what she meant but if I were there I would play dumb. 'Cause I can play dumb sometimes without others even knowing. As for a name I would kinda think ... Marga.
For Team Rocket?
Yeah well good luck stealing pokemon. I guess she'll have to steal herself first then.
@AssaultBird2454: Dude, too many questions. Read the rules.
To Naya: What else can you see on Echo other than an ego.

(Answer this question as much as you can without spoilers. just curious about her on what else she sees in Echo.)
@Star the Eevee: Unless you're a dark type it will work. Just use a move that will cut her eyes blind or you can sneak to her if possible to blind her.