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That won't gonna happen yet 42Meep.The shiny midday lycanroc will arrive at the scene before he could even do it.
Doom:Knock knock
Revenant:Who's there
Revenant:Me who?
Doom:*Slams the door**shot*
@ShadowStalker1128: It's not confirmed yet.I can't remember Emily's last comment before she left SJ but according to my mind's details about her is that her last comment has something to do with three more years for her to finish college.
@ShadowStalker1128: Heck!We Filipinos start from K to 12(kindergarten-elementary(grade 1-6)-junior high school(grade 7-10)-senior high school).After K to 12 we go to college.You Americans really are advanced than us.
I hope that the emolga won't die this time.
@ShadowStalker1128: How long did you take on your elementary(starting from daycare to whatever grade does your country have).First day of high school may not be a good thing for a student,but the longer you spent time on high school the better you will feel and the more confident you will get,especially when you're on unfamiliar high school.I have the same experience when I was Grade 7 but now I feel confident on the school I'm studying with.I'm already grade 10 and we just finished our First Periodical Test last week.

BTW,your 14 now?How'd you end up as a 1st year student instead of 3rd or 4th year?
@LightBlueBlaze: Heck yeah I did.But it's gonna take 3 years 'til her comeback so we have to be patient.
Find the words:

awhjkbjdbvhjdbuavafugfkShinkaueiwafabvhbgfliaufbjkbfagfiTheehalfjebgljkabjbajeueb fkj,fhihihLastahefbebkbaebfiuehfiehEeveeenafnlebvjkbvbiufhnefkjah
@migasand: Oh.So that's the reason why he's so good at training pokemons.

But the reason why I asked for her age is because she said a foul word instead of screw you.(Man,kids these days)
@migasand: THE HECK!
Good cover you got there dude.Kind of liking this one.Although,you didn't left a description or comment. T_T But who cares.Your art is good anyway. (^_^)
@42Meep: I kind of forgot Hero too.Because this comic is about rescuing pokemon back in Atok.I suggest for everyone to recommend songs in every comic. (^_^)
Sheesh,how old is she?
Fitting music for this comic is Rise by Skillet
@Silver Eevee: Look,things can be unfair sometimes.But to tell you something,you are not alone.My cousin Roselle have friends from the past(Both of us were elementary at that time).She have close friends as well.And so do I.When graduation came,we were separated from our close friends.Two months later,Both our friends back at elementary have no idea for who we are nor do they even think that we are familiar to them.It quite hurts a lot for the both of us not to be remembered for all those years of being close together and ended up for nothing.This is the reason why I don't make too much friends.Because I know it might not end well.But if I were you,it would be best if you have friends in the digital world rather than nearby.Because someday,you and your friends might be separated from each other and cannot cross each others path all over again.But in the digital world,You could still see them even when you're far from them.
Try and guess what Yalini will turn into by the time she got back to the pokemon world.(Clue:she's the pokemon between a shaymin and a vulpix.)
Well,this kinds of remind me of yandere simulator.
Whoa! That's gotta be harsh

BTW @ScruffyDeltaNexus26: check panel 2.
The lucario's fluffier than the original one. Your designs could be something.