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I live in Philippines in Region 4B.I loved reading comics,watching pokemon,listening to music and playing video games with stories like adventure and campaign.But I spend some of my time with everything I should do at home to help my parents and grandmother.

Beware of the Mirrored Image for it has something dark calling and stalkers hidden.The Aura of Light shall be your strength against the Trouble in the Midst.Join the Uprising to liberate The Forgotten Lands.And let the Bridge of Inventions prevail.

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    Darvin Gerald Briones Halili
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Could've sworn she should use psychic to stop it from moving.
And she has lost her mind.

Edit: Hey, this reminds me of losing my mind meme.
😑I am not going to learn another alphabet again.
The way you color and shade this looks more natural now than the other pages.Sorry if I offend you for saying this but to me you seem like your improving.
@pixlyJolt: at least I know.Don't worry,I'm not like the others who would criticize you.
YOU'RE A LESBIAN!WHO ELSE IS A PART OF LGBT!HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS!(Sorry about this but I kind of got no idea you would be a lesbian due to how clueless and inactive I am at these kind of stuff.But I swear I did not meant to offend anyone who's part of lgbt or criticize them at some point.I just hope you wouldn't end up doing a bad habit or more.)
I just thought about this but the song Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling is best suited for Laiba or Yalini. Either the original one or the Nightcore, both seem good.
@JamestheTyphlosion: College is really hard.I know that because the same thing is happening in senior high school.We all get the pressure because of these.But it's better to take your time in this in order to graduate college and get a certified job.
Look man,everyone is special in their own way.You and your own work of art and comic is special for us.Sometimes other comics doesn't seem to have that much comment but the thing is people enjoy it and would want to see what happens next.We readers wouldn't want you to leave.It would be really sad to leave a work cancelled and unfinished.But sometimes it would be best to upload your comic whenever you can or you feel like it.And same goes for the comments.
September 8th, 2018
@reddog_f13: Medicine must have been too strong to handle for you huh?Well happens from the best of us.Or you just happen to be out of energy.
Here she comes and there she goes.Epic Fail!

BTW,Why did this comic went on hiatus.
September 6th, 2018
Swift Technique:Meteor Shower
Heck, it's in myx international edition in myx Philippines and I loved it too.
And here I thought her having no clothes were default to her characteristics.T_T
Heyyy,that zoroark looks familiar.
Wait,there really was a dusk lycanroc?!
Took me hours to catch up to this.This will be good.I hope the pidgey would never turn to a zombie.
Now I get it.They're gijinkas