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I live in Philippines in Region 4B.I loved reading comics,watching pokemon,listening to music and playing video games with stories like adventure and campaign.But I spend some of my time with everything I should do at home to help my parents and grandmother.

Beware of the Mirrored Image for it has something dark calling and stalkers hidden.The Aura of Light shall be your strength against the Trouble in the Midst.Join the Uprising to liberate The Forgotten Lands.And let the Bridge of Inventions prevail.
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    Darvin Gerald Briones Halili
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@EeveeEon: What suicidal stuff were you attempting or almost done?Sorry to ask you this though,but it's best when you let things go.The past may be captivating but there are still somethings out there that could surpass you to your challenges and breakthrough.People may get lost but can be filled with hope when found.Sometimes people think of bad stuff which is bad for their mental health,but if it takes over,just remember that God is always by your side.You can try talking to him as well not just by praying but by being alone.Here is the option you'll need if you want to do this:First.think of questions you want to ask God about yourself.Second,prepare 2 chairs facing each other,after that,sit on can ask him what you wanted to ask and he will answer the questions.Trust me,it worked on the students who did this in their recollection and made them feel lighter than before from the things they have been through.Because I'm one of them.
@EeveeMaster21: Not trying to break your bubble but I'd rather see him freeze or drown.
@MissKate: You might wanna check the difference between male and female pokemons such as your pikachu here with the tail.
Now I'm starting to wonder what kind of weapons and technology the enemies will have by the time they encounter them.
*thinking of a good song for this story*
Now come to think of it,does anyone know the song dynasty?Because this story seems to fit with the song.
I don't get it.Although,did you get your head hit or something?
Is someone gonna help him?
Squeeeee!SO HYPED!Can't wait for it!Now looking at them they are still the same except from Grace who seems to be able to control herself than before.Man I still remember the time when she pulled Nick to her own school.I hope you get better soon though.It sucks to be sick 'cause you can't concentrate on things you needed/wanted to do.
Daaamn!What a strong guy,Bet it can take down humans like that.
March 2nd, 2018
@Emberlaz: Sorry if I haven't replied to you, got to fix the laptop's charger.About your language,well...just trying to know if you are in the right age.

BTW,what was the title of the song?
Man,with those items seen I wanted to know more what those are.
@-FluorescentScales-: I agree with you since servines will be proven useful when fully evolved.Not only just that,with at the hands of the enemy,it will be a big trouble for the main characters.
February 18th, 2018
@Emberlaz: Err,due to language.
I'm a Christian as well!
Oh now that is just outrageous.Using religions to get attentions is just rude.Here is a tip for them:DON'T USE GOD AS A TOOL TO THE LGBT LIKE WHAT THE SPANIARDS DID TO US!(If you read every novel Dr. Jose Rizal made,surely you will find out what.)
@ShadowStalker1128: Might be because they think that all painting programs are the same.
February 16th, 2018
@Emberlaz: May I know how old you are?
Well at least it has innovations in it.
That looking up from under though.Wonder why it seems angry trying to do that?It could be a flying type or a trap.
New styles,new characters,this is gonna be so good.Wonder if there will be a sylveon this time.