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I live in Philippines in Region 4B.I loved reading comics,watching pokemon,listening to music and playing video games with stories like adventure and campaign.But I spend some of my time with everything I should do at home to help my parents and grandmother.

Beware of the Mirrored Image for it has something dark calling and stalkers hidden.The Aura of Light shall be your strength against the Trouble in the Midst.Join the Uprising to liberate The Forgotten Lands.And let the Bridge of Inventions prevail.

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    Darvin Gerald Briones Halili
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You're welcome.
Have you checked the female? All I know is that it is given in youtube about their gender differences. Can you check that one? I think it is also in google. I think
Hey... I just noticed something. Shouldn't she supposed to be having shorter ear? You should find it on google for confirmation.
The only thing I don't like in this comic is that it ended.😥
A piece of advice:
The more you try to forget the more you remember. The only way to forget about it is to never think of it.
@Sakarime: Panel 4 spelling error found; "available" instead of "avaliable"
Aww.... They're so cute. (^_^)
Damn! So cute!
Who are you talking to?
...? I don't get the three last panels.
Get well soon. As for the comic I get them. Laiba's been through a lot and since Yalini has been killed a lot of times then something you did not expect to happen came and stroke you like a lightning. Since Yalini has her memories as a human and I mean all of it, it is a bad sign that if she dies again she won't be resurrected like before. It is her original body that is already turned to a Pokemon so if she's permanently damaged like a scar given to her from the last hit she had taken, that scar will also be given when she turned into a human. In other words, she's screwed.
@AgentNein: Dude, are you alright? Haven't seen you here in a long time. Last time you were here you were pressured by the cover. Anyways, welcome back.
To be frank, I already know who the demon is. But i'm telling no one.
@RandomMinty: Oh, Senior High School is more stressful than Junior but College has the worst. What year or grade are you in? I don't know what your school system is but I'm Grade 12 in June since we already have finished our exams and had our requirements and clearance finished as well. In Philippines, our Elementary starts from Kindergarten to Grade 6, Junior High starts from Grade 7 to Grade 10, and lastly Senior High only have 2 years so that's Grade 11 and Grade 12. For college however may vary on the years given through the course or track.
Aww that's so adorable. Little Topaz turned into a joltik.
You know for someone holding a secret of coloring a panel on one of the pages, you are quite bad at it since it is not a secret until another page is added. Sorry.
Ooh thought they dead yet they not.
He'll be pushed out of the bed because that is the obvious thing she'll do.
@Ikualokatl: Well you can tell that to me either because I tend to get pushy when it comes to other's problems asking what is wrong nowadays.