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Come on Ellain, you can do it cutie!
Just take some deep, calming breaths!
I worked with a few peacocks. The males were usually fine, the females though, I've walked away with bruises and scrapes from them. Goodness, heh.
Garrus is the greatest stud. I will romance him into an eternity.

... and with each passing page, I feel greater and greater sympathy for Abel

ALSO A SIDE NOTE, I find it verrry verrrrrrry interesting that Abel seems to be wearing a very similar 'shirt' to Atticus. VERY INTERESTING. *Suspicious staring* I'm also incredibly curious as to what Atti was going to ask.

Abel long lost daddy perhaps? Brother? Cousin? Name mentioned by rocket? *Surrounds self with speculation*
I like him! Given that he's walked in on some kids in his house, going through his stuff, I don't think he has much of an attitude. He seems to be handling the situation very well in my opinion.

He does look like he could use some serious sleep though. X3
Oh Callista, you've come such a long way. <3

Gotta say, Cat and Callista are my favorite couple, they've helped each other and grown together so much.
Dude, you don't fuck with the Gloom family.
Well, if both him and his brother take turns on the account, then there's a lot of potential for them to level up that character to a pretty extreme amount. Seeing as when one of them isn't playing, the other one could be.

So they could have both been powering up that character for some time.
I love the technicalities and measurement equations (can't think of the technical term) added to this picture. It gives it an awesome look and feel, particularly seeing as who is the subject of it. <3
Oh no, he's hot.
Maybe it's not just his perception at all. Maybe he's literally seeing, what the others can not. A few pages back, as she was falling into the water, it was like an illusion of some sort was being broken. The glow even reflected off of the guys, yet, they didn't react to it. Only to Ahr's... er... glory. ;]
....... I wonder if all of the 'color' characters, are somehow connected to Madame President there.~

Now that's a curious thought. >]
November 1st, 2011
I spy a Homestuck fan.
You just gained +20 in awesome.

As always, bosom loads of love to the comic. <3333
Helllooooo, slightly changing iris color. <3
September 27th, 2011
Oh man, I know from experience,
talking/shouting while running with a stitch is haaaaaard. XD
September 15th, 2011
...Boy, SOMEONE's going to get a surprise in 3 months... unless then she just starts thinking she's eating too many sweets or something. >.>;
PRESENTING, new AXE shaving cream!
Will shave your chin for you!

Disclaimer: Will not guarantee chin shavage for more than one panel.
I've grown up in tornado alley all my life, and i'm the same as you when it comes to "severe" weather.

I do find it humorous however, to watch my friends from out of state hide under tables (true story) and just generaly freak out.
Wow, you are getting closer and closer to having a month's worth of strips. :o

*Cheers on*
Dear saints, I've seen all those movies. XD


"The Never-Ending Story"