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I am Ethan. I Like Music. I Like Art. I Will do a comic. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL. :)
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merrick is a name a gay person would give. you suck.
"dont you want to be the very best!? ..that no one ever was!?"

lmao xD :D
this comic is ace, pugh :)

i loved the mum kcikign him out panel where he looked like a ludo piece :P
i also liked how he kicked rattata xD

keep it up :D

i know! i know!
i bet i know it. i bet that shes not a vampire at all..but some sort fo other creature...

or, OR!

bart doesnt really know how to kill the cliche-way (nice lil phrase there) doesnt work..

++ where did the stake come from? he just magic it? continuity, pugh!

omG! nude man wiht an oar for a left leg :o
picasso hands!

oh, he would be proud :)
you're slacking! this page is literally.. DAYS old! u were drawing it on the last day of college, woman.! jesus would have cruxified HIMSELF if hed had to wait this long for a "vampiric" BL!

you also, i noted, chanegd your style. which is a lot more pencil based. good shit.

im liking barts quaffeur in the 2nd to alst panel ;)

u got ur New Trix up yet?

from ur BESTEST, but not actually best, friend. Ethan. x