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uhhh Why should any of you care.
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Did I seriously fool all those that I never told? hmmm...that is funny ^^ Yes I am who Rajan says I am...get to work lazy employees! hehehe
From what Blue fire said earlier "I have an urge to accuse you of being someone we already know using an alt account. Like Matt. Wouldn't surprise me. People do that kind of stuff all the time. But whatever. I don't care." Besides me being someone everyone in this comic knows and using a alt account he is right. either Shard's or alternate me's next comic post will let everyone know who I really am and I will come on with my real account. Till the next time, all you lazy employees get to posting at least one comic here a week, if not a month.
If you really want to know who I am, then I have a very simple solution to you, and everyone one of the other lazy employees. Why not start a stupid plot where you try and find out who I really am hmm?
I am your boss because I pay you to work. and who I am is non of your consern, until I see fit to show you who I am you Closet Fox!
This isn't real money if that is what you are thinking, but the pay checks are just for your sprite comic selfs.

Also on a side note, I need the backgrounds and sprites of everyone except for Matt's and the Main studio.
I don't have any of your sprites so I made do with what I had. Send them via PMing me so I may use your sprites for this comic/Show
Keh, I know you all have no idea who I am. You may call me Manager or even Sage, All you have to do is continue you're shows and then no pay deductions for you!