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Nice! And you won't get sued. You can even sell this work. Its perfectly legal as long as its for parody use.
Haha nice comic :D
2010 Poonz Tavern Comic Awards
Hey you! Yes you! Think you have what it takes to win in a comic contest? Well great work on the enthusiasm, because Poonz Tavern is glad to host its first ever Comic and Sprite Comic Awards! That's right folks, you have a chance for more fame and some sweet prizes. For more information, visit the links below! Remember, you only have a few more days to sign up, so hurry now!

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Many will enter, few will win!
Awesome art! :D
And it's back!
After a long hiatus, IG is back! I've been updating over at Drunkduck, just failed to update here as much. Expect at least two updates a week for this comic from this point on. So, enjoy! :D

This comic has been sponsored in part by, [URL=]Poonz Tavern, your towns local forum[/URL], and home of the 2010 Poonz Tavern Sprite Comic Awards.
Great comic
I just caught up reading the latest page. I've got to say this is a really cool comic! Every single page is packed with action and witty dialogue. As well, your expressions are superb! And the cross between art and sprites is really neat. I waited a long time to find a sprite comic I could read, while fishing through endless sonic and pokemon comics, and this comic has made my day. Thank you, and keep up the great work! :D

Greatest effects in a sprite comic ever. :o
epic page. :o As well as the avie. :3
Whoa! I loved this comic on DD and now I find you update it here. :o Great and one of the most amazing comics I have read. Keep it up. ^-^
Very cool page! Favorited. :D
New logo looks sweet. :D
it's been a long time since I've seen this comic. Great as always. :D
Sweet! One of the best comics I've ever read. :D
This is a really great comic! Do you by any chance have your own site where you update this too?
sweet! Definite Fave.
Sweet page. :D