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Here on the picture you see a dry orange. Looks brutal so I like it.
@Jiggy: heeeey, we have the same ship :D
The same moment I saw him I had the FEUER FREI scream in my head. I am awake now
I don't think our writer here would be so kind to make him a virgin instead of a rapist. Maybe finally someone who isn't a victim.
I love it.
Oooooh hellooo, so nice to meet you :D Always fun to see there's another metal and kpop fan out there :D And those tobacco crumbs, I feel your pain.

Thank you for your comic and cheers!
@portisHeart: Kim's assets tore his gay ass, let it chill for a bit with normal dicks xD
Look at this pretty boy. Kylee's gay ass can't say no
Such a cute kiss, even I'm blushing
September 18th, 2018
This is answer to remember. Such perfection
Happy birthdaaaaaay! :D
And... will we get the story of why somebody stabbed Caleb in such a close proximity of the butt? xD Also... so many times
Hi there, haven't heard from you in a while... hope you're doing good :) Sending love from Slovenia!
Aaah, thank you for your answer :) Thought he saw himself as a woman in a mirror, that's why he was telling that we shouldn't look too much in it
Oh my... is daddy trans?
I am done guessing my favourite ship. I just want them all 3 dating each other. It's 2018, who cares
You are right, the uncle is awesome. He kind of reminds me of senpai from Koisuru Boukun
Woow, was Tobias nonstop in character? Even when he was touching that other boy down there, was he still reciting the script?
@Joan: Dude. 7 a.m. for me and no sleep. I got 2 hours left now so... good night xD
Oh god yes
March 20th, 2018
So... did Mikael gain all of this weight because of JP's cooking?